How the Power of Defining Moments Have Shaped Lake Ridenour’s Life

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People who achieve anything worthwhile have a story to tell. Success doesn’t come overnight; it’s a journey. The problem is people never see the struggles and challenges successful individuals overcome before finding success. This is the reason Lake Ridenour, a certified photographer and filmmaker, founded Lake Front Productions. Learn more about Lake R. and his production company.

The company is dedicated to providing a platform for people who have overcome challenges and found success to share their experiences. Lake is a multi-talented individual that operates a full-service company. He is a cinematographer, videographer, and photographer.

Lake is always fascinated by the experiences of those who succeed. He is interested in combining different opinions with the magic of storytelling. Highlighting the experiences of those who overcome challenges is the best way of motivating others to succeed. Capturing the journey people travel before succeeding is the reason Lake Ridenour started Lake Front Productions.

The personal challenges Lake overcame also influenced his decision to start his company. He grew up in a small town that didn’t offer him the type of opportunities he wanted. He suffered the loss of his brother, which was a defining moment in his life. The loss of his brother inspired him to work hard and leave a mark for both of them.

The desire to carry on his brother’s legacy motivated him to do what he wanted to do at the time, which is to tell stories through photography. After finishing high school, Lake decided to relocate to Miami, Florida from his hometown. He knew that Miami would provide him with opportunities to grow.

Since Lake moved to Miami, he has focused on growing his passion for storytelling and turning it into a career. He started with small gigs, but with hard work and persistence, it paid off. He is a self-taught man with an impressive track record. He is the editor for I Come Up Market, a digital and social marketing company that has serviced 3,000+ clients. One of his biggest projects was piloting a full docu-series.

A recent notable project Lake has completed is editing and shooting for Sports Illustrated Swim Search. This project enables him to capture a snippet of the lives and passion of upcoming swimsuit models. He is also a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

The loss of his brother and grandmother was the biggest challenge Lake faced. He didn’t give up. Instead he used the pain as inspiration to continue shaping his life. He has kept the mantra he had with his brother alive. They said, “As you taught me and shall it remain: I’ll live enough for both of us.”

One Lesson Lake would like to share with us is that for you to grow your career, you should be able to connect with people at a deeper level, and understand their perspectives. This makes it possible to learn from everyone’s experiences. These are the mantras Lake lives by in running his production company.


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