How The Australian E-Commerce Brand Sincerely Sally’s Owner Bryce Monkivitch is Changing Business Trends

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When the COVID-19 hit the world, every industry was heavily affected. And business and entrepreneurship were one of them. Many small-scale businesses shut down and business giants around the world suffered major losses. But even at this time, the E-commerce sector continued to bloom. E-commerce has changed the way of doing business forever. The chain has highly impacted product development, marketing, selling processes, and communication channels. In Today’s feature, we’ll be talking about an entrepreneur who through his e-commerce chain has built a great name for himself and his brand in Australia. We are talking about Australian Entrepreneur Bryce Monkivitch’s brand Sincerely Sally.

Bryce’s story is worth reading for, it teaches you two things, never give up in your life and second always bounce back while life tries to throw you down.

You would be surprised to know that when Bryce was 25, his family sent him to China to assist his uncle in his business. But his uncle felt that Bryce was too immature to handle a business, so he asked Bryce to return. But by then Bryce had already developed an interest in starting a business. Therefore Bryce started his first venture in 2018 that was of selling dog hats which went off to a good start but failed after the demand declined. But, the first experience taught him important lessons on business visibility and networking.
He then worked almost 80 hours a week doing freelancing jobs and even pursued various business degrees to learn fundamentals and polish his skills. After Investing his hard-earned $5,000, he soon started his next venture, a women’s fashion store on Shopify. The store sold fashionable sportswear, swimwear, casual wear, and trendy accessories. Bryce Monkivitch took his time to improve the business and then hasn’t looked back since as he gradually built an e-commerce empire. Bryce was recently named in Australia’s top 100 growing entrepreneurs list. But he still believes that life is a learning curve and therefore he will be always open to new challenges and opportunities waiting for him.


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