How Pritam Dutt Brought Out a New Era in the Cinema Industry

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“Zindgi Mein Utar Chadhav Aate Rehte Hain, kabhi Bhi Apne Target Ko Mat Bhulo” ~ Pritam Dutt

Pritam Dutt

Pritam Dutt is a Hindi and Punjabi film director, editor, and producer from India. He is most known for inventing Teer wala baba, Limtan, and Daai. Other important films by Pritam include Goli, Putt Tractor, Kabbadi Anthem, and Sarpanchi. He is a well-known video filmmaker and editor. Since 2012, he has directed over 40 Punjabi videos and edited over 179 projects. Pritam Dutt is also a music video director, having completed over 16 projects as such.

Personal Life

Pritam Dutt is 24 years old (as of January 2022) and was born on February 10, 1997, in Phagwara, Punjab. Mr Pritam Dutt comes from a middle-class household, and he struggled with his work in his early years. His father’s name is Anil Dutt, his mother’s name is Rajni Dutt and his brother’s name is Prem Dutt.

Educational Life

Pritam is a music and film director who graduated from Mittal Institute (Chandigarh) in 2012 with a diploma in music composition and editing.


His life changed when he acquired a music video project called “Teer Wala Baba,” which became extremely successful. He was continuing working on over 179 projects and several music videos after this project. Pritam Dutt has two forthcoming websites that will be released on the internet in the near future.

He was a fantastic director and composer who worked on over 18 short films and 179 projects. He now has his own system in place for his working life.

Popular Films and Videos

  • Kabadi Anthem
  • Putt Tractor
  • Limtan
  • Teer Wala Baba
  • Daai

We may claim that based on his contribution or hard work and consistency, he will be a very famous filmmaker in the future.


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