How Jay Kinder Adds Value To Real Estate Agents With Coaching And Training Service

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Jay Kinder is an innovative thinker. He refuses to accept conventionality when there’s a better way to accomplish a goal. This spirit led him to drop out of college to get his real estate license. The same spirit led him to find a mentor outside of the real estate industry to teach him proven methods to build his brand, generate leads, and leverage technology to scale his business. Even after suffering the hardships of the real estate crash of 2007-2008, Jay knew he could endure anything. By the time Jay was 28, he was the #2 selling agent worldwide for Coldwell Banker. After helping a college friend avoid years of mistakes by teaching him the same principles, the two friends took mentorship to a new level. Now, through eXp Realty, they train the top 1% of real estate agents in North America to do the same.

Before Jay made his move into real estate, he was mowing lawns for his dad, who had just purchased a Coldwell Banker franchise. One day, he went into the office to pick up his little check for mowing vacant rental properties when he couldn’t believe what he saw. An agent was getting a check for over $5000—and he hadn’t broken a sweat. It was then Jay decided he was not destined to mow the lawns of real estate properties, but to be a seller. “My relentless work ethic and the fact that I didn’t have a plan B is what eventually led to my success. I had to make it work,” he says.

When Jay eagerly entered the market, there was one thing he wasn’t aware of. 80% of real estate agents are out of business in their first year. After quickly learning that getting clients was his biggest challenge, he invested in himself. He invested in learning from top agents from around the country. Jay bought anything anyone had to sell at events for training and coaching. This only offered marginal improvement until he found his mentor. Mentorship is the single most important factor in finding success when starting a new venture. “If you can get clients, you can afford to solve other problems with money. Learning the sales and marketing skills required to get clients is the single most important skill to develop if you want to succeed,” he says.

For Jay, success=freedom. And freedom comes from being able to do whatever you want, when you want, and with whomever you want. Your only limitation is fear. Fear isn’t real. Danger is real. Fear is only the collection of your negative thoughts that prevent you from taking action. When Jay’s college friend contacted him after they hadn’t seen each other for several years, Jay told him about his success in real estate. After spending a few hours together, his friend immediately quit his job, without fear. With Jay’s guidance, he did what no one had ever done before. He skipped years of making mistakes and grew his business to 1.2 million in only 3 years. Through their mentor relationship, they proved, with the right guidance, you could grow your business exponentially. “That sparked an idea. We felt like if a couple of college dropouts could do it—anybody could do it and NOBODY was teaching agents how to truly build a business,” he says.

Jay’s innovative spirit will never die. Agents receiving guidance through eXp Realty join under their revenue service. This means eXp Realty gets paid only if they produce, rather than paying an upfront fee. Jay is always looking to add more value for agents that partner with him through services like scaling lead generation. You can follow Jay on Instagram @jaykinder82.

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