How Does Adam Boudjemaa Disrupt Blockchain Industry

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It is our pleasure to showcase an interview of Adam Boudjemaa, an online entrepreneur and the Blockchain expert. We will try to cover all the aspect of Adam’s life, career life and future goal too.

Who is Adam Boudjemaa, please explain his background?

Adam has been in this blockchain space since 2014. Back in the early days, he got himself into mining and later started working in the security field. Soon after, he went back to his core programming (in Solidity), and started working with BTU protocol, a peer-to-peer booking protocol that enables direct business between consumers & many kinds of service providers.

What is the past experience and hobbies of Adam?

He later started working with several blockchain projects that involved Ethereum and IBM Hyperledger. Later on, he worked at Tokeny where he contributed to the T-Rex (ERC-3643) and On-Chain ID standard. He has also worked with Fantom, one of the leading protocols today, for NFT and DeFi projects. He later joined Securrency where he worked on security tokens and an issuance platform for CeFi and DeFi projects.

Adam also served as a blockchain advisor for Retreeb and helped define and develop their blockchain strategy along with integrations with the Fantom protocol.

Adam has a great passion for writing as well. He has written a lot of articles on Hackernoon and has been awarded with the contributor of the year award in the category of decentralization.

We believe that with Adam on board, his skills and experience would make him a key team player in the success and growth of Polytrade.

What is the reason behind starting this business?

Adam started because he found blockchain technology exciting and found it lacking in content, especially to get started as a developer. So he decided to contribute to the ecosystem, by supporting projects, writing articles, to bring his stone to the edifice.

Is there any customer success experience?

Yes, of course. Adam had contributed successfully to the T-Rex (ERC-3643) and On-Chain ID (ERC 725 Alliance).

Who bring Adam to the cryptocurrency space?

David Latapie Co-founder of MONERO (XMR), introduced Adam to cryptocurrencies in 2014, mainly Bitcoin and Monero. Adam owe him a lot. He remember David used to organize meet-ups in cellars, or disaffected factories, there were sometimes less than 5 people in total. At that time, crypto-currencies were not well known by the general public. Way to bring goodness to the world: Adam try to share as much as possible and make the world of blockchain accessible to as many people as possible. He started a few years ago when there were still very few resources.

What is his favorite life lesson that he would like to share with fellow readers?

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. Adam decided to focus all his attention on blockchain by investing himself, his money, and his time. Because he believed in the web3 revolution.

For 3 years, it was a desert crossing. The work finally paid off, Adam is now one of the references in blockchain development. And He is a crypto evangelist.

What is his favorite past time?

Since past few years, Adam have been busy with his projects and business setup. However, whenever he got time he like to play boxing, and listen music too. Not to forget he like to walk to explore new things around him.

How can we contact Adam?

Adam Boudjemaa is actively available on his social media pages such as Twitter and LinkedIn. You can follow him there to ask your queries and learn about his ongoing projects and future announcement too.


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