After taking an extended absence from the Today show due to a “family health matter,” Hoda Kotb made a comeback Monday alongside co-anchor Savannah Guthrie. Kotb provided some context to the viewers regarding her absence, revealing that her 3-year-old daughter, Hope, had been in the ICU for a few days and was hospitalized for over a week.

Although Hope is now back home, Kotb expressed gratitude and caution, stating that they are watching her closely. Kotb expressed her joy and relief, stating she was “so grateful” now that her daughter’s finally back home and that she “was waiting for that day to come.”

Hoda Kotb also opened up about the emotional journey she had been on over the past few weeks. She shared that her daughter’s hospitalization was a frightening experience and expressed relief that Hope is now back home. Kotb thanked her supporters, acknowledging their presence and how much they had meant to her during this difficult time. She stated, “I felt you. I heard you. I needed you.”

The journalist who is usually quite optimistic acknowledged that she was having difficulty maintaining a sense of gratitude while her daughter was struggling with health issues. Kotb explained that despite constantly discussing the importance of gratitude, she found it challenging to adopt a positive attitude because she was afraid. However, she realized that she had several things to be grateful for, including a supportive family, a loving daughter, and an excellent medical team who helped her daughter recover.

Kotb admitted that it is easy to talk about gratitude, but when faced with challenging situations, it becomes challenging to feel it. She also shared the story of a friend who gave her a necklace with the inscription “God’s got this” to remind her that she was not alone in her struggles. She jokingly added that her friend threatened to come after her if she ever saw her not wearing it.

Kotb also shared a message for parents taking care of their sick children. She acknowledged that she previously believed she understood their struggles, but it was not until she found herself in a similar position that she truly comprehended the difficulties they faced. She expressed empathy towards anyone who was going through a challenging time and wanted them to know that she could relate to their experiences.

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