Harsh Garg : Entrepreneur cum Singer

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21-year-old Harsh Garg, who is a successful entrepreneur, has earned a name for entrepreneurship as well as in the field of music. Harsh hails from Sangrur, a small town in Punjab. Recently, Harsh has released two of his songs Tere Supne and Jatt Vardu. Harsh is a businessman and he started his career at the age of 18 and today he reached a very big point . Harsh started his career through digital marketing and today he does singing along with marketing. During our conversation with Harsh, we asked him some questions and he answered something like this.

Q- How long have you been fond of singing?
A- My father is very fond of old songs, when I was young, I often used to listen to old songs on phone or radio while sitting with my father. Since then a thought came in my mind that why should not I also start singing. And what was it then I started taking music classes ,but then due to career, studies this hobby of mine was left behind and I forgot singing. But now again I started practicing and recently two of my songs have also been launched.

Q- How did you know about digital marketing and when did you start?
A- When my twelfth was over, I thought that I should do something on the side so that I can meet my own expenses, then my friend told me about this digital marketing . I started with social media, then gradually I came to know about many things and today I am in a good place and I have a very good big team with whom I work which supports me a lot.

Q- Who is your inspiration in music?
A- I have been fond of old songs since childhood. I love listening to Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar. They are my inspiration and I follow them .

Q- Digital marketing and music are two different things, so how difficult it is for you. manage these two together?
A- Digital marketing gave me recognition and music is my dream. I did not want to leave either of these two, so in the beginning I had a lot of problem in managing these two together, sometimes it happens that I did not even have the time to eat, but gradually I Started managing everything and even today I have problems, but not so much that I can not manage things. Today I manage all my things very well

Q- Have any success tips to give to our readers?
A- There are no such tips. But I believe that it is very important for us to be discipline in life. We should make some rules in our life and follow them strictly so that discipline comes in our life and we can plan things well. It is very necessary . A man can achieve anything he wants. It is only necessary that he should be dedicated towards that thing and work hard with full heart.

Harsh is at a very big stage today and he lives his life in a very simple way. Harsh has become a source of inspiration for today’s youth.

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