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The importance of being a good Human Being
By being a bad human being you may be able to collect a lot of materialistic advantages for your own benefit. But how long before life catches up with you? How long can you escape your own conscience? How many millionaires have you seen who are internally happy with life?
On the other hand, by being a good human being, you can still collect all the great things life has made available for you to enjoy, but this time your path is that of a clean conscience and you have taken good care to ensure that all the things have been ‘earned’ from dedicated effort, love and goodness.
Remember, every action that you take is nothing but a transfer of energy. That energy comes back to you in exactly same proportions. (Take my word for it – forget getting into the metaphysical cycle of how that happens.)
Every of your actions gets deposited in the Bank of Earth. For every good deed, you get deposits into the bank and for every bad deed, your account gets withdrawn. Whenever, your account is over drawn by your bad deeds, life sends you a reminder in some painful form for you to wake up. If you learn the lesson in good time, and start doing good, you once again enrich your account of Life with better, more loving experiences. It’s as simple as that.
You and only you can decide how happy you want to be in this journey of life. If you want more happiness, simply deposit love, caring, laughter, smiles and as many simple acts of spreading happiness as you can dream of. The more you give, the more you get. Try for yourself and see. But try with a heart of giving without expecting anything in return.
If you still want to join the easier path of badness, well, just wait till your account gets overdrawn. At that time, you will remember the words of this humble author who warned you and wanted to always see a happy you.


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