Gleb Vashkevich: The man and the mind behind some of the biggest innovations in the world of business.

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His significant rise in the real estate, blockchain, and fintech sectors with the brand Finup24 has brought him to the entrepreneurial world’s forefront.

To have the vision to attain a certain goal is one thing, but to make constant efforts, choose to go under the grind, face challenges, and make sure to constantly innovate in one’s chosen industries to turn all those visions into a beautiful reality is a different thing altogether. To belong to the latter category, people need to give it their all and work as determined individuals to taste their definition of success. This is definitely easier said than done, but professionals and ingenious entrepreneurs like Gleb Vashkevich stand as fine examples in the business world. The brain behind Finup24, Gleb Vashkevich has drawn an incredible path of success for himself as a self-made man who believed in what he did and so kept walking his path relentlessly.

Gleb Vashkevich may seem like just another guy from the neighborhood with big dreams to make it big in his career, but he is more than just being that. He is the one who has always found opportunities even amidst not-so-favorable times and still has managed to create success for himself and his brand. For his pursuits of making it big in the entrepreneurial world, first, he tried to disrupt the real estate sector and then became the co-founder of the core software product Finup24, which today can be distributed and personally configured among stock market licensed brokers, banks, any investment platform and applications, and crowdfunding platforms.

The software helps people reduce their product launch budget in any of these areas, which has allowed the brand to grow incredibly from just being a brokerage company in Belarus. To take his brand further, Gleb Vashkevich decided to dive deep into the technology world by spreading his hands in fintech and blockchain niches, to make things easier for investors across the world.

Currently, he is working towards bringing his brand and company to a global stage and letting the world know the importance of fintech and blockchain technologies across sectors. To find out more about him through Instagram @gleb.finup.


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