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Some would say Niyah Smith is a shortcut to success, and others would say a God Sent angel who helps break new talent for young artists creating a better future for them. All in all, he is that person with a soft heart for young people like himself to help them make a better future for themselves. Smith has had a tough childhood growing up, and thus a profound interest in helping youngsters. He is the A&R Manager at the reputable studio of 54 London, owned by Stefflon Don.

Growing Up

Niyah Smith was born and raised in Homerton, East London. Despite growing up in a violent and crime region, his mother had high ambitions for him, and he maintained the focus of doing well in school. Smith grew up loving music of the Rnb, Jazz, rap, soul genres. He also played tennis until the age of 13 and ended up being a tennis coach, which rapidly came to a halt.

An unfortunate circumstance led him to his arrest. However, he was accepted on a musical course where he studied sound engineering and mixing, to songwriting and vocal production. He then produced his first record, “no kickers,” which was a success with over 100,000 views on YouTube

Rising To A&R Manager

Besides being a Sound Engineer, Niyah would host events and search for unsigned talent. He would also help his friend Stefflon Don is planning photoshoots and booking recording sessions. He hosted an event with performing artists such as Stefflon Don, Shauna Shadae, SNE, Unknown T, among others. The event sported fame his way, and he was able to grow his social media and work with more artists. He also landed the A&R Manager at Stefflon Don’s new studio, which was later signed to Universal Music Group, following the initially offered services. 

Professional Highlights

He has an Ep debut he is putting out, which consists of UK artists. He further has a record he is releasing this summer featuring Shaqydread named “Feelings.” He has worked with numerous artists and has made available networking events, label meetings, and partnerships with numerous artists. As seen on his Instagram, he has continued to support new artists as he further sharpens his skills. He is a person of in-depth knowledge of the industry, great ideas, plans, and tips to navigate the music scenes.


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