From Prominent Exhibitions to Leading Festivals, Leyi (Ruby) Yang’s Art Steals the Limelight

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Art is a form of language that speaks to those who listen. Leyi (Ruby) Yang has exemplarily defined the creation of art. Her art is what you would describe being a relaxing form of art. Through her art Ruby aims to invoke raw emotional responses ranging from intimacy to complex emotions and introspection.

Yang ended up becoming an artist because she decided to go after her heart’s desire. When you are looking at a piece of art, there should be the start of an intimate feeling. Art is meant to steal your heart and wow your mind. Yang’s work is what many people consider as a pathway to realizing their deep connection with themselves.

For so many people, depression has locked out minds and caged young souls supposed to be living their best life. Art is now proven to be a therapeutic way to help recover the lost and broken souls. Yang’s approach towards her work has demonstrated that art is about everything. Many people prefer to do just about anything in this life to get motivation and some inspiration to clarify issues. With art, everything, including anything that is considered minor, is communicated.

As a creative artist, Leyi (Ruby) Yang includes passion and gets involved with her art. She goes as far as using food to make drawings. Yang admits that this pandemic had pushed her to the edge, but this has eventually made her start doing ephemeral drawings. To stand out as an artist of her kind, she also uses pebble stones as a raw material for her artistic endeavors. The more time goes by, the more Yang is evolving with her art, and she never disappoints with her work. Yang believes that language is a metaphor, and we live on a web that we built. For this reason, even though language communicates, it has led people to misunderstand. Art is a language that has a force and a breeze of peace.

Art is a peaceful language that will have you listen to everything around you. This helps you be present with everything that is going on around you.

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