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Franklin Seeber: “I turned to YouTube to share my experience with animals with a global audience.”

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There are a lot of YouTubers out there, but the ones with genuine love and passion for their topics set themselves apart. For fans of nature shows, YouTube can be the most satisfying of networks since it is run by creators rather than corporations. With 2.76 million subscribers to his channel, RAWWFishing, Franklin Seeber has been able to share his love of animals with a worldwide audience.

He’s only 22, but this Florida native is making a living off his passions: outdoor activities including fishing and working with animals. He grew up watching the legendary Steve Irwin and dreamed of having his own wildlife show. Thanks to the rise of the internet, his videos reach over 500 million active viewers. YouTube was his platform of choice so he could start a personalized vlog (video log) of his interactions with the natural world.

This was a two-way learning process. As Franklin learned how to film videos, his audience learned how to care for animals. It created a mutual learning process for both parties, developing a dynamic relationship between the creator and his viewers. It also provided a layer of authenticity to Franklin, giving him a very appealing quality.

He has loved the outdoors from a very young age and once told his dad he wanted to be the world’s greatest fisherman. This essentially set him on his path to becoming a YouTuber. He loved fishing and wanted to film his activities but needed to figure out how to merge these together. Thanks to help from family and friends, Franklin proved himself to be a fast learner, producing weekly videos and using the advertising revenues to earn capital. With these funds, he purchased fish tanks and then a pond to take his footage to the next level.

Within his first year of posting videos full-time, Franklin had 100,000 subscribers. Even today, he faces the challenge of providing optimal care to his many animals while creating content for his popular channel. Yet Franklin overcomes this challenge with natural compassion and a deep love for his business. These admirable traits reflect on camera, making him an appealing influencer.

Franklin’s next projects are apparel and promotional items to give his viewers tangible products and a second channel to expand his demographics. His goal is to set himself apart from competition by genuinely caring. He has not simply met this goal, but far exceeded it.

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