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For Austin Zaback, Fear Has No Place In Success

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In life, fear will only hold you back. Austin Zaback likes to start his day with the hardest task he needs to accomplish to prove to himself that he can do anything. Without that kind of personal commitment and continuous determination, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Austin believes that fear is simply your mind playing tricks on you. Without a strong connection to your “why,” you are less likely to venture out of your comfort zone. Austin discovered his “why” when he was a child living with his grandparents. He knew he wanted to change the world by serving others while living up to his full potential. His passion for real estate became the avenue to allow him to live out this dream. He’s overcome obstacles as he has learned to surround himself with the right people, but his heart of service was bigger than any challenge.

Success is a constantly evolving, moving target. But it isn’t compatible with fear. Austin’s connection to his “why” gives him the conviction that success comes from creating a positive impact in the lives of others, lending a helping hand, and truly giving back. However, if you give fear a foothold, it will take all of that away from you. “We have to fight the good fight. Typically, when there is maximum fear, there is minimum danger and when there is maximum danger, there is minimum fear,” says Austin Zaback.

When Austin was 7 years old, he helped his grandparents by working in their pool cleaning business, where he learned the value of money and how businesses operate. Soon, he knew he wanted to run his own business someday. He knew that, above all, his mission was to impact the lives of others. By adopting a positive mindset and overcoming fear, he achieved his goal.

Austin continues to look for ways to add value to the people he serves. Whether it’s his clients, his community, or even his competition, he approaches each situation understanding that the only way to have sustainable success is to treat people with respect and integrity.

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