Fly Guy DC Has Mastered Entertainment in Atlanta

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If you’ve heard of the entertainment life in Atlanta, you know how insane and incredible it can get. From concerts to events in the night-life the city never seems to sleep. Fly Guy DC is a young radio and television personality, host, brand ambassador, influencer, and philanthropist making impeccable strides in the industry. With no formal education, background, or mentorship, this is truly an incredible feat. He is a jack of all trades in Atlanta as he highly contributes to the crazy entertainment life. 

Fly Guy DC’s Background

Fly Guy is a native of Washington DC but has made a life in Georgia, having moved with his mom while in high school. He is the eldest of 5 children who a single mom has raised. Fly Guy DC was all about sports growing up (basketball, football, and baseball). He only got into the entertainment industry by chance following an accident in college as a basketball player.

His career all started with his friends asking him to host a party they were throwing, and there is when his inborn natural talent came to light. Without his realization, he was already into gigs. He then established a solid career as a radio host. 

His Career Highlights

He hosts a show at his top-rated prime time radio show on Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 from 6 pm to 10 pm. He is also the youngest radio personality in Atlanta at the age of 29 and a sought-after influence. During the pandemic, he took the time to stimulate his brand, being a person who is not afraid to pivot during a time of skepticism. He created two digital platforms known as ‘Storytime with Fly Guy DC’ and ‘Isolation Insider.’ The platforms have attracted thousands of viewers across YouTube and his Instagram @iamflyguydc.

Isolation Insider has graced internet users by being a sensation. Fly Guy has sat with reputable individuals like Mulatto, YBN Nahmir, and YFN Lucci with over 30 minutes of profound discussions on various topics. His work has also been made visible on TheShadeRoom, and The Neighborhood Talk as one of his interviews caused a buzz online. He is one of the Top 20 Millenials in ATL.

Major Success Contributors

Fly Guy DC has an in-born talent that broke him into the scenes from one gig he did. He does not take the blessings for granted as he is always on a mission of perfecting his skills. He has an ear for the streets and thus not afraid to take risks or chances despite uncertainties. He established two platforms that are already making waves in Atlanta. To see more of Fly Guy DC you can check out his website here.


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