Fitness Model, Actor, Influencer and Digital Creator, Austin Dotson Changes Live

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There is a good chance you’ve come across multiple fitness influencers on Instagram or Tik Tok. Several of these creators post workout videos, pictures, and videos of their superhuman bodies. There may be times when these influencers appear superficial, only focusing on exercises and physique. There is no doubt that this is not the case, and Austin Dotson is the obvious example.

A fitness influencer that is unlike anyone else, Austin Dotson is a digital creator born on October 17th, 1991 in Carson, California. He played football throughout high school and loves sports. Because he struggled financially, he knew his parents wouldn’t be able to afford undergraduate tuition. Thus, Dotson became obsessed with football and worked night and day to perfect his craft. Because of his dedication, Dotson was awarded multiple scholarships during high school. Austin Dotson committed to Sacramento State University and continued his football career after high school. Upon graduating from college, Dotson was not drafted into the NFL. Despite this, he suffered only a minor setback by not being drafted. Dotson continued to train and network as his motivation grew, eventually landing a professional football contract. Arena football is not the National Football League, despite being considered professional athletics. Ultimately, Dotson retired after two seasons.

Dotson turned his attention to other endeavors after putting aside his dream of playing football. In the months following his graduation, he worked from 8am to 12pm for a mortgage company. After stopping exercising, he became depressed and consumed alcohol. Upon being arrested on Christmas Day, he was charged with driving under the influence. In this period, he had a daughter to support, her mother was in the hospital, his football career had ended, and he needed money to support himself and his family. He was in deep depression until January 3, 2017. When Dotson looked in the mirror, he said, “I am going to be a better father for my daughter.” This was the day that would forever change Dotson’s life…

Dotson has since then given up all bad habits, including drinking, using drugs, and sleeping with women. His unemployment check was used to join 24 hour fitness. He researched and focused on what to eat, how to eat, and how to train. His passion became a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, his mental and physical health improved. Aside from earning more than his old job, he also had more time to train and spend with his daughter. When he looked in the mirror again after six months, he had become a completely different person.

In addition to appearing on two magazine covers, Dotson has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine, has been interviewed on national news broadcasts, and has well over half a million followers on social media. As a social media influencer, Dotson wants to inspire others.

On Instagram, Austin Dotson has over 550,000 followers eagerly awaiting his next fitness or health tip. His digital creations and videos have made him one of the most popular health and fitness creators on Instagram. With his Instagram reels and videos, Dotson shares his stories with his fans. Aside from Austin’s rise to fame, he has been a sponsor and partner of a number of well-known companies and athletes, including GymShark. All content can be seen here!


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