EYEAM: Meet RnB’s Next Big Artist

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Born on July 14, 1997, in Jackson, Tennessee, USA, Cornelius Hobson, famously known as EYEAM is an American singer and songwriter who loves making music that depicts love and romance. According to Eyeam, love nowadays is quite rare, especially those beautiful love songs which we all once used to hear and enjoy. Eyeam wants to bring that sparkle back into the world, by introducing love songs in the most beautiful manner possible. Eyeam is highly inspired by Micheal Jackson. Eyeam believes that there hasn’t been any better role model for him other than the king of pop himself which is why he wants to be a positive music icon for today’s generation. Something is fascinating about Eyeam’s music. It’s the fact that he loves people, making people happy, helping them love themselves, helping them heal, and more. And to do that, Eyeam makes incredible music, showing some powerful dance moves, combined with the lyrics, resulting in overall artwork showcasing emotions of love, and romance to the public. Eyeam wishes to connect with millions of people all across the world, helping them heal through his music in any way he can. For Eyeam, there aren’t any competitors. It’s only him, who he is competing against!!! 
Eyeam has been making music ever since he was a young kid. He was about 14 years old when he began recording his first song and it took him 10 years to reach where he is today. As previously mentioned, MJ inspires Eyeam a lot however, he ain’t the only one. Other than MJ, Eyeam takes inspiration from Chrisbrown, T-Pain, Justin Beiber, Jazmin Sulliva, HER, Kehlani, Teyana Taylor & Snoh Aalegra. All these wonderful artists inspired Eyeam to become a remarkable artist himself. His music is like a beautiful melody to one’s ears. Make sure to check out his new single MegaStar E available across all platforms. Also, Eyeam’s dropping the NFTS for his next album. Make sure to check out his IG: @iameyeam to learn more about the artist, and stay connected with his upcoming music updates.
As per Eyeam’s plans, he wishes to get into acting or modeling. Since he loves making people happy, he wants to pursue a comedy career as well in the future, making people laugh, and helping them smile especially in such depressing times. In case you don’t know, Eyeam’s been on stage even before he started making music, so he’s a born all-rounder, best for almost all the fields related to the entertainment industry. Also, he’s good with digital jobs as well, such as editing videos. Pretty cool right???
To learn more about the artist, check out all his social accounts available at


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