Exploring the Common Sense Agenda: No Labels Town Hall With Sen. Joe Manchin and Jon Huntsman

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In a town hall at Saint Anselm College on Monday, No Labels headliners Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Huntsman of Utah offered a glimpse at what their group could provide if it gains ballot access and picks a presidential candidate. Manchin and Huntsman are well-known centrist politicians who have been floated as potential No Labels presidential nominees next year.

No Labels Overview

No Labels was born out of frustration with congressional gridlock. The group’s founder, Nancy Jacobson, a longtime Democratic fundraiser, and co-founder Mark McKinnon, a Republican strategist, argued that the parties had become captive to politicians at either end of the ideological spectrum with no interest in compromise. Since then, No Labels has focused on building a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers to get things done. It has won ballot access in key states like Arizona and Colorado. It has also drawn the ire of centrist Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans. One such irritant is Rep. Brad Schneider, who was targeted by No Labels with an attack text sent to voters in his district.

Bipartisan Deficit Reduction

A bipartisan deal to reduce the deficit must include spending cuts and tax changes. Measures that cap spending without raising revenues will fail to rally public support. In our survey, bipartisan majorities were ready to bump sin taxes, including alcohol and tobacco taxes, which would raise $51 billion. This could offset other budgetary pressures such as waning pandemic assistance, interest rate increases and waiving the debt limit.

Social Security

Social Security is a system of insurance programs that provides retirement protection for nearly all Americans. Its roughly universal participation makes it cost-efficient to administer and does not use means of testing.

Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Republican former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman appeared Monday in New Hampshire for a No Labels town hall event. The group’s first policy platform release fueled speculation that the centrist organization might run a third-party presidential candidate.

Affordable Healthcare

As of 2023, health coverage is considered affordable if it costs less than 9.12% of household income. This goal can be achieved by undoing tax cuts worth $314 billion over ten years and expanding premium tax credits.

The senators also called for greater transparency in political donations. This is important because the No Labels group does not disclose its donors. The organization has been accused of attempting to run a third-party candidate in 2024 that would help President Trump win the election by siphoning votes from Biden.


The term “education” is contested and has many different meanings. However, a better understanding of these differences can help us to address some of the most difficult issues in education today. No Labels has faced pushback from Democrats who fear the group could act as a spoiler in 2024, siphoning votes away from Joe Biden and returning Donald Trump to power. But the West Virginia senator and Huntsman emphasized that they were not endorsing any specific presidential candidate at Monday’s event.


A who’s who of moderate politicians gathered Monday in a puritanical backroom in Manchester to push No Labels’ political agenda. The organization’s effort to lay the groundwork for a third-party run in 2024 is drawing a sharp response from Democrats. The group’s 71-page policy booklet outlines proposals that both parties can find something to dislike. Its funders include conservative mega-donor Harlan Crow, but it’s been largely mum about how the group intends to finance its third-party bid.


Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, joined former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman on Monday at an event hosted by No Labels. The group is exploring a third-party presidential run, and the pair spoke about the organization’s “Common Sense” policy agenda. They also touched on various other issues, including election security, foreign disinformation campaigns, energy policy and the national debt. But their plan openly dodges hard choices and evades many crucial questions.

Climate Change

Despite warnings that a No Labels candidate could play spoiler to Democrat Biden and Republican Trump in 2024, the centrist group is pushing ahead with plans for a third-party run. Among the attendees in a Puritan backroom were failed moderate pols and politicos such as former Sen. Joe Lieberman and former governors Pat McCrory and Jon Huntsman. The No Labels agenda needs more specific policy ideas. For example, it calls for deficit reduction but eschews any mention of tax increases.

Health Care

Health care is the diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, or prevention of disease, illness, injury, or physical and mental impairments in people. It includes all aspects of medical and allied health services.

On Monday, a slew of fading moderate politicians gathered in a Puritan backroom to tout a 73-page centrist policy book. But polling suggests that a No Labels unity ticket would siphon votes from Biden and hand Trump the presidency.


As part of its ongoing common sense town hall series, the centrist group No Labels is hosting a New Hampshire event with Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and former Utah Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman. No Labels is trying to lay the groundwork for a run by a unifying candidate in 2024. It’s a move that has Democrats, including some who oppose former President Trump, worried that it could spoil the election and pave the way for a return of Trump to power. But what exactly would such a ticket look like?


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