Ethan Duran: “I’ve made it my mission to share my knowledge and empower people to succeed through Corsa Auto Rental.”

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This 22-year old young business mind is full of confidence and innovation. As the CEO of Corsa Auto Rental, Ethan makes money and mentors others on the right path to take to achieve success. He believes overcoming fear is the first step to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. After trying his hands at many things, Ethan is now well settled in the exotic car rental business and believes that for him, money is empowering. It gives him the freedom to lead a life without fear with his head held high.

Man with a merry purpose

Ethan Duran plays just as hard as he works. You can find him in the best clubs in Los Angeles, at the best table money can buy. You can catch him driving the latest cars, eating at 5-star restaurants, collecting swiss watches, walking his three huskies, and enjoying life like there is no tomorrow. Ethan deals in exotic car rentals and you can find his cars all over the city; just look for the Corsa plate frames, it might just even be him in one of them. Ethan comes from a family with humble beginnings where his single mother toiled all day to ensure he got the opportunity to get where he is today. That is why now Ethan is giving himself & his loved ones the life they always wanted but couldn’t afford before.

Seeds of success

After dabbling in almost every business from real estate and e-commerce to investment banking, Ethan has led a high-stressed life focusing on how best to make a 7-figure income. He found his secret sauce in the exotic car rental business and since then, he has never been disappointed for a day. At present, Ethan’s plans for expansion include Corsa Auto Rental Miami, Corsa Models, Corsa Water Sports, and Corsa Media. His second most successful venture has been Exotic Car Rental Academy – a course where he teaches people how to become successful in the business world. With students from all over the world, Ethan has grown Corsa Auto Rental into a worldwide platform for networking and referrals. He helps aspiring entrepreneurs like him overcome stress and anxiety while undertaking a new business. “I made $2,700,000 in my first year doing exotic car rentals. Exotic car rentals changed my life from level 3 to 10,” mentioned Ethan, when asked about his experience of transitioning from self-doubt to ultimate realization.

Life can be different

For Ethan, progression is like a drug. It is very addictive. However, one can’t get addicted to it if they have not experienced it. “Just like the gym, where you have to get through the soreness and have the sheer willpower to go every day no matter how your day went, it is the same in business,” says Ethan. He started his career by setting himself several tasks and getting them done day-in and day-out without results. It was frustrating, especially with all the distractions of technology, yet he mustered the courage to continue the pursuit of building a profitable business. Since the presence of financing institutions and methods have quadrupled over the years, it has become easier for people to lead glamorous lives. This, however, comes at a cost as it chains them to their jobs and tasks that they do not have any passion for. They have become slaves of routine lives to pay back their mounting debts in order to attain a certain living standard. Ethan has a very interesting perspective when it comes to living a life in debt. He believes, “Debt is supposed to be used to make more money, not to give yourself things you can’t afford.”

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