Entrepreneur and Author Ar-Rasheed S. Brisco Jr. on his success

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Ar-Rasheed Sharif Brisco Jr. is an American author, entrepreneur and musical artist. He’s known for owning “New Life Credit Consultants” a credit consulting company that helps clients restore, fix and repair damaged credit. He is also the author of several books released worldwide with the most notable being “Mastering Credit” released in 2020 and “Making it Happen” which released in 2021. Outside of his company and his writing, he helps to teach up and coming entrepreneurs how to create and scale e-commerce businesses. Lastly, after releasing “The Journey” his debut motivational vocal EP in 2021, he followed that up with his album debut “Leading & influencing” released in December of 2021.

In his book, “Mastering Credit”, he explains the importance of using credit as a tool to help build wealth. The book also talks about ways to help improve personal credit, as well as some hints to both organize and improve personal finances. “Credit is one of the most important parts of our lives, it’s time that it be treated as such,” he explained. His second release “Making it Happen” talks about action and the power of now. “This book was written to motivate and inspire people who may find themselves in places where a metaphorical outstretched hand could help.” He also is planning on releasing another title early in 2022.

Ar-Rasheed uses his platform to help reach and teach his many supporters. From the many seminars he’s spoken at, he learned from some people that they enjoy his ability to speak and get his message across. This eventually led to him deciding to release music. He put out an EP which is motivational and has tracks of him speaking, trying to influence and motivate the listener. He will be releasing a full-length album in early 2022.

At this point in his life, Ar-Rasheed hopes to continue inspiring people in his community to become better than their circumstances. “2022 will be my best year yet, I really can’t wait for it,” he explained. “I’m hoping that through the album I’m putting out people are really able to go and create their success. People often times can find themselves feeling ‘trapped’ when in reality action is the escape route

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