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Elon Musk reveals his shocking stance on passing his fortunes to his children

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In an interview with The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council, tech billionaire Elon Musk expressed his firm decision against passing control of his companies to his children.

“I am definitely not of the school of automatically giving my kids some shares of the companies, even if they have no interest or inclination or ability to manage the company,” he stated, emphasizing his belief that such an approach would be a mistake.

While Musk disapproves of executives transferring their companies or voting shares to their children, he acknowledged that he had identified individuals who could assume leadership positions in his companies in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Musk is the father of a 3-year-old son named X Æ A-12 and a 17-month-old daughter named Exa Dark Sideræl, who prefers to go by the name Y. These children are from his previous relationship with Grimes. Additionally, Musk welcomed twins discreetly in November 2021 with Shivon Zilis, the project director at his Neuralink company. Furthermore, he shares parenting responsibilities for 18-year-old twins Vivian Jenna Wilson and Griffin, along with triplets Kai, Damian, and Sax, who were born in 2006, with his first wife, Justine Wilson. Tragically, they also had a son named Nevada, who passed away at the age of 10 weeks.

During the recent MMA Global Possible Conference in Miami, Florida, Musk made a rare exception to his usual practice of shielding his children from public attention. He brought his son X along and even engaged in playful interactions, lifting him up and creating a memorable moment for the audience.

In April, Grimes (birth name Claire Boucher) shared a series of side-by-side photos on Twitter featuring herself and her toddler daughter dressed in matching red onesies. Grimes, sporting green tips at the ends of her yellow-blonde hair, noticed the resemblance to Goku or something similar in her daughter and tweeted, “Normally we [don’t] post her for her privacy, but she’s fairly unrecognizable here since she’s channeling Goku or smthn.”

In another tweet, Grimes discussed her daughter’s name, explaining, “She’s Y now, or ‘Why?’ or just ‘?'” and describing it as a representation of curiosity, the eternal question, and related concepts. She noted that the name change is not officially recognized by the government.

Grimes had previously revealed in a cover story for Vanity Fair’s April 2022 issue that she and Musk welcomed a daughter in December 2021 through surrogacy. During the same interview, she expressed their intention to have more children, stating, “We’ve always wanted at least three or four.”


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