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Edouard Prunier Shares 3 Effective Ways of Working Efficiently and Smartly

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Whether you’re working on an office project or building your own venture, having extra time at hand always boosts your performance. However, time is limited, and the only way to boost efficiency is by managing your time effectively and functioning in an optimal manner. As someone who achieved phenomenal success in both his personal and professional life, Edouard Prunier has learned the art of efficiency through experience. He sheds light on how you can become more efficient.

Create a routine

Edouard Prunier credits his discipline as one the most significant contributors to his success. He advises people to give time to what they love doing the most. Creating a daily routine is the first step to achieving efficiency. It is important to set daily goals and divide your time according to them. By repeating a set combination of tasks daily, you can master them and do things more efficiently than others.

Leverage technology

Once you have set a routine, it is important to stick to the timeline. Thus, it is best you avoid distractions and keep your eyes on the target. You can leverage technology to your advantage. From organizing your day, to planning ahead or even setting alarms and reminders, there is an app for literally any challenge you may face. Edouard Prunier added, “Rather than getting distracted by technology, harness it to boost your productivity.”

Be a serial tasker

It is often debated that being an effective multitasker is integral to success. Edoaurd Prunier believes otherwise. Rather than taking on too many tasks and stretching yourself thin, he feels it is far more effective to be a serial tasker. Take up one task at a time, and finish each one in quick succession. In the end, you’ll realize that single-minded focus is much more effective than trying to do several tasks simultaneously.

Despite facing hardships in his personal life at an early age, Edouard Prunier became successful before turning 25. He always emphasizes the importance of efficiency and advises young people to be the same and follow their goals through to success.

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