East Third Collective: Redefining the Art of Gift-Giving with Meaning and Style

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In a world bustling with online marketplaces and generic gift options, three friends embarked on a mission to redefine the art of gifting. East Third Collective, born out of a shared vision and a desire to make meaningful connections through gifts, has transformed the gifting experience into a thoughtful and intentional process.

The Origin Story:

Nikki Lapidus

The story of East Third Collective began with Nikki Lapidus, Kat McPeek, and Darcie Cohn, three friends whose bond had deepened over years of shared experiences since their college days. United by their dreams of collaboration and creating something special, these friends decided to take the plunge and establish a venture that was not only meaningful to them but also to those who would receive their gifts. It was during the search for the perfect blanket to gift that the idea of East Third Collective took shape.

Navigating the Complexity of Gifting:

Reflecting on their inspiration, the founders of East Third Collective shared how online gift shopping had always been a cumbersome task. They found themselves grappling with three scenarios: online shops overflowing with an excessive array of items, formulaic and impersonal gift box shops, and vendors with excellent individual products but limited selections. This experience led them to a realization. If they struggled to find cohesive and thoughtful gifts, others likely were too. Thus, the idea of a platform that gathered a diverse array of quality products under one virtual roof was born.

Meaningful Gifts, Thoughtful Choices:

East Third Collective’s ethos revolves around the belief that gifts have the power to connect people and create lasting memories. Their online shop is a curated haven of products with compelling stories. According to Nikki, Kat, and Darcie, what sets them apart is their commitment to sourcing products from small-, women-, and BIPOC-owned businesses, as well as those companies that uphold values of sustainability, hold B Corp certification, or give back to the community. This deliberate sourcing ensures that every gift from East Third Collective is not just an object but a narrative of purpose and positive impact.

Kat McPeek

Consulting with a Purpose:

In addition to the online marketplace, East Third Collective offers corporate gifting solutions for businesses through its vertical called “ETC Consulting.” Just as each friendship and person is unique, the founders understand that corporate gifting should reflect the individuality of each business. Their gift consulting process is rooted in understanding their clients, the tone they wish to convey, and the objectives they aim to achieve. Through these bespoke gifts, East Third Collective curates tailor-made gifts that resonate with the essence of the giver and receiver alike. 

A Paradigm Shift in Gifting:

What truly sets East Third Collective apart from other online marketplaces is an unwavering dedication to transforming the gifting experience. For Kat, Darcie, and Nikki, the goal is to simplify gifting in a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing manner. Each item in their shop is handpicked with intent, ensuring that it serves a purpose and resonates with the recipient. Partnering with vendors that align with their values, East Third Collective promotes a new era of gifting — one that transcends materialism and fosters genuine connections.

The Philosophy That Drives Them:

East Third Collective’s gifting philosophy revolves around two core principles. First, they believe that the best gifts are those that are both practical and enduring, enriching the recipient’s life regularly. Second, they emphasize the importance of gifts that are meaningfully made. This philosophy extends beyond the products themselves and encompasses the entire gifting process — from selection to presentation. They understand that the packaging and delivery of a gift play a pivotal role in evoking joy and appreciation in the recipient.

Darcie Cohn

The Joy of Unexpected Gifting:

For the founders of East Third Collective, the joy of gifting lies in surprising the recipients when they least expect it. Be it a heartfelt gesture for a friend in need of encouragement or a thoughtful care package for a college student, East Third Collective excels at turning ordinary moments into cherished memories. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every gift arrives beautifully packaged, complete with a heartfelt note. This personalized touch underscores their commitment to making both the giver and the receiver feel truly valued.

In a world where meaningful connections often take a backseat to convenience, East Third Collective is a beacon of thoughtfulness and purpose. Through their curated products and bespoke services, they have breathed new life into the act of giving, reminding us all that the greatest gifts are those that touch the heart and make a positive impact on the world.


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