Dr. Anthony Fauci to step down after half a century of public service

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After being in the press almost daily during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci dominated the headlines once again on Monday, August 22. However, this time, it was for a very different reason. In December of 2022, one of America’s most prominent medical figures will step away from his current role to explore the next stage of his career.

Dr. Fauci serves as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). He is President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, who had previously planned to leave his government post in January 2025. Starting his NIAID career in 1968, Dr. Fauci became a household name as he assumed a national medical leadership role from the onset of the pandemic.

Fauci has advised seven United States presidents, beginning with Ronald Reagan. George W. Bush awarded the lauded doctor the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008. However, these respectful executive relationships took a hit when Fauci and then-President Trump disagreed on several issues. Specifically, Fauci found himself at odds with Trump on issues such as the mask mandate and the use of hydroxychloroquine. He preferred asserting facts based on the latest science rather than aiding in spreading misinformation.

On Monday night, Fauci addressed this conspiracy culture as impacting the health of all Americans and creating a “distortion of reality” and “a world where untruths have almost become normalized.” These statements offer insight into Fauci’s decision to step away from government service.

However, he has made it clear that he will continue to be active in medicine rather than retire permanently. Dr. Fauci has plans to advance science further and serve as a mentor to “the next generation of scientific leaders,” and prepare them and the world for future health threats.

At 81 years old, Dr. Anthony Fauci claims he still has plenty of energy for his beloved field. After half a century of immeasurable public service, it is apparent Dr. Fauci is just getting started on the next path of his voyage to help humanity.

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