Down in the Dumps about the Digital Age? Meet India’s Leading Digital Parenting Specialist, Sontu Biswas

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Are you a new parent? Or are you someone struggling with crippling screen time addiction? Or are you a parent of two that is just not able to form a connection with their child that they once had. Whichever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place, Sontu Biswas is here to get you out of your misery. Sontu Biswas is a Software Engineer turned Certified Parent Consultant, he is India’s Leading Digital Parenting Specialist, Children’s Motivational Speaker, Facilitator and above all your problem solver.

Sontu believes that a parent is as old as their child, in these formative years. You need to pay attention to detail level of observation of your child to provide for the care and support that they might need. It is even harder to reach them and stay connected when a cyber wall of a digital world is in between. Whether you have an angsty teen or a fussy toddler these parenting techniques by Sontu are sure to work. He has founded Next-Gen Parenting and has launched his course called, Mindful Digital Parenting, through this he offers workshops and live webinars through which you can reconnect with your child, he also has something for children and adults to help from screen times addiction.

He has trained and coached over Five hundred kids, parents and families who are now implementing his teachings and have only benefited from it. Within three months of his launch, he has already touched so many families, but Sontu has a much larger vision. His mission is to help parents to be there for their child through this digital age, to guide children to be responsible in this time and also for anyone who’s struggling with their screen time, all over positively impact 10 million people globally.

Sontu is best at what he does because he himself has fallen bait to the evils of the internet like Cyber-Bullying, Online Financial Threats, Victim of Computer Security Threats and addiction to Computer/Digital games. But he came out of it all recovered as a hero to save the rest. Sontu says, “I have grown with the digital age from very beginning of my life, and I understand how confusing it could be for parents to see the perspective of their children”.

He has two main goals with his current projects: Mindful use of the Digital World & Project Re-Connect. Through Project Digital Parenting Domination he aims to solve more than 90% of parenting problems during this digital age, through Project NextGen Digital Champs, he plans to coach children on how to use the Digital World in a Productive, Effective, Efficient & Responsible Manner and lead them to grow into their career path, through his final project, Digital Productivity Challenge, he guides all people to recover from the Digital Screen Addiction and to Revive the lost Physical & Emotional Connection in the real world.

He does all this through workshops and 1 on 1 consultations in a 3+1 day course. Here he will guide and teach you step by step how to parent and care for your child in this digital age. You need not worry if you have no prior technical expertise, he will walk you through in it. Sontu loves children and enjoys spending time with them, he also can see from your shoes since he is a loving parent to his 3-year-old toddler as well and therefore knows the struggles and challenges of parenting. He is the most capable person to pull you out of your rut and help to revive the lost physical, emotional and spiritual connection between families by guiding parents and kids. Given that he is a certified career strategist, he has also been awarded the “Nation’s Icon Award 2022” for his outstanding contribution towards making India self-reliant in creating a Mindful Digital World” by EnGame. He is working to make a change and you can be part of that change too. Through the right methods of parenting in this digital era and follow him in the efficient and responsible use of this Superpowered Internet. Join Sontu Biswas the founder of Next-Gen Parenting and Next-Gen Billionaire Mindset Club and take his mentoring to lead fuller happier and satisfied lives, his 3+1 day course is highly affordable, costs even less than a family pizza, and many more exciting offers are waiting for you. As, his core objective is to impact life of each and every person (specially children), all around the world with his knowledge, so that everyone can lead and gain success in their life, with the power of the Digital World.

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