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DJ Kaoru is an energetic rapper from the USA.

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Rafael Kaoru Endo aka DJ Kauro is an energetic rapper and DJ in the USA. He has given many energetic and powerful songs like ‘After Party’, and ‘Break Necks’. He is also worked in many popular T.V. shows like Despierta. He is loved by people worldwide.

His hard work and dedication to his work are something every artist should learn. Big or little, he took every step to keep him moving forward in his career. He says, “Music is the purest form of art, and therefore the most direct expression of beauty.”

When the outbreak of covid-19 hits as people worldwide continue to face challenges. DJ Kaoru, is a rising name in the music scene, has taken on the mission to wield the power to send across a message of hope and positivity to others.

He always liked to listen to the music of different genres. He had high interests in Hip-hop, mashup music, EDMs, and also the 80s. With a huge fanbase and followers of DJ, Kaoru’s songs are translating his vision of spreading his music throughout the world into reality. He brings to the table a variety of music.

He always believed in his goals. The first collaboration he did was with Gmeyer, Brazilian pop star and NESTY Cuban Latin artist . As he was already friends with Nesty he had this idea of ​​doing something Brazilian with Latin music. So he did a reggaeton that was kind of pop, between Brazilian and Spanish favor.

PAPI – GMeyer Feat. Nesty (colab DJ Kaoru)

This multi-skilled personality has always stood out among other talents in the highly competitive music industry because of his ability to attract enormous crowds and communicate with his audiences.

Right now DJ Kaoru is making waves in the rap industry. He was already a DJ for some artists and it was at that time when he got the chance to work in TV shows. He has been seen in many popular TV shows in the USA like Telemundo, Despierta America, Univision, and more. After the ‘Break Necks’ song’s success, he collaborated with Naems and Basstian. Together, they made the song ‘After party’ which has an energetic feel with powerful drops. This banger brings pure energy to energize every dance floor.
DJ Kaoru is currently working on major projects for 2021 – 2022 with Brazilian DJ, ‘The Fish House’ which is affiliated with ‘Spinnin Records Label’. Fame Faiella and Dashius Clay say, “Miami is ready for ‘After Party. Their new big collaboration is coming soon on FutureHouse Cloud.
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