Digital Wizard Emmon Khan on the Future of Digital Marketing in the Pandemic

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With the advent of modern technologies in today’s world, we have entered an age of the Internet. Everything around the world is confined to modern devices. The difference between real and virtual life is narrowing, and so, your digital identity is just as important as your real in modern times.

The same applies to the world of businesses, as every small and large business is turning to build their virtual presence. The digital world offers exponential growth and engagement for many businesses if the brands are managed smartly and efficiently. In this current scenario, the role of a good digital marketer gets more important than ever, for the success of your brand. Today, we have a digital marketing wizard Emmon Khan with us, to share his insights about the industry and its future in the pandemic-stuck world.

Emmon Khan was born in Pakistan and later moved to the US, where he grew up. Emmon completed his graduation from Ohio State University with an accounting and finance degree and later worked in an accounting firm. With 13 years of experience in the world of management and consultancy, Khan gained his rich experience in the industry and started his own venture, the Khan Media Group.

The Khan Media Group is a digital media agency, which is in charge of running dropshipping and branded Shopify stores, getting customers and leads for local and national businesses through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat ads, and building e-commerce and dropshipping stores, among other things.

Emmon Khan believes that the world of pandemics has catalyzed the necessity of digital presence for all brands. He adds – “especially in the current 2020 market conditions where the entire world has been affected by COVID-19 virus shutting down the majority of retail businesses. This virus just accelerated what was already inevitable and brought into light what most businesses failed to take seriously, become digital or die.”

So, Emmon advises the owners of all the young businesses to work hard with long hours, and not to expect any overnight results. He believes in learning through all the failures and lays importance on the values of being resilient to stay in the longer game.

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