Digital Marketing Industry Has A Powerful Entrepreneur In Business: Abhinav Singh Rajawat

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Imagine being an expert in a particular field and establishing your business from a very early time in your life so that you do not have to worry about your career a lot when you grow up, it is simply a pleasure for most people to be put into such situations, but it is tougher to perform the activities that will make them reach such heights.

“Personally, I think everyone should recognise their true strengths and two weaknesses, so that they can work on whatever they are not particularly confident in and can use their strength for their own advantage. It is very hard to admit that my emotions are my weaknesses, but I do not let them get in the middle of my work. Being a soft hearted and generous person is one thing, and maintaining a professional life in a professional industry is another thing, and everyone has to realise how they’re going to make it through while balancing it all” says Abhinav Singh Rajawat.

Abhinav Singh Rajawat hails from Rajasthan, being brought up in Jaipur he developed a number of interesting hobbies like travelling all over India and being close to nature for his own peaceful state of mind. Besides this, he enjoyed most part of his academic life, learning about technology. He went as far as to completing a BTech mechanical engineering from Apex Institute of Technology in Jaipur. For some additional courses, he completed the automobile modification degree, obtaining a diploma in that too.

With a clear understanding about his capability of problem solving and critical analysis, he chose a career path for himself that is well suited.

Right now Abhinav Singh Rajawat works with two successful digital marketing companies that are functioning under his leadership. Sometimes, even he finds it surprising that he was able to survive in this industry, with so much competition all around him. It was the number of opportunities that made him excited when he was venturing into digital marketing, but now after owning 2 digital marketing companies, and a content writing one called, he understands the true struggles and continues to face them boldly everyday. It is in his nature to face even the most difficult situations in a positive way.

With the correct motivating factors such as the desire to win and a personal goal set everyday to grow into a successful professional marketer, Abhinav Singh Rajawat is moving forward everyday, making a remarkable global presence in marketing.


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