Daniela Tablante: Gun Violence Needs to Stop

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Documentary filmmaker Daniela Tablante on what we can do to eradicate gun violence in the USA.

While the rest of the world looks on in disgust, America’s gun violence problem just keeps getting worse. Daniela Tablante, the producer behind the documentary film “Families are Forever, Parkland Strong,” shares her thoughts on gun violence in America… and why it’s time it stopped for good.

Daniela Tablante was born in Venezuela but now lives between Miami and Madrid. In Spain, guns are a common occurrence among hunters and farmers. On hazy Sunday afternoons, you might even hear the echo of gunshots ring out across the city, echoing in from the countryside. Farmers shoot rabbits and other pests, but there hasn’t been a single attempt at a school shooting there since 2015. 

In Spain, where the sun is hot, and the streets are floral, gun violence is almost unheard of. Why, then, is it such a common problem that women like Daniela make documentaries on it? Why is a school shooting in America so prolific that they had to coin a phrase to explain it? 

Daniela Tablante has some thoughts on the matter, and she is not keeping quiet.

Diana Tablante has Campaigned against Gun Violence since University.

Daniela has attended university twice, both times to study Media and Mass Communications. On top of that, she took acting lessons in night school while working as an intern for a well-known TV news channel. Since then, she has worked as a presenter in TV and radio and has even become CEO of her media marketing firm.

Among all of this, Daniela Tablante found time to support a few good causes. One of these was the gun violence she encountered in the states. With school shootings a foreign concept, it is no wonder that she was shocked when she first heard of such things. She set out to conduct interviews with a family on who a school shooting had directly impacted. Not only that, but she added her weight to ensure that this film was part gun violence expose, part Hispanic representation film, as is her signature creative style.

Since the release of the documentary, she has been working hard on her reputation… so she can use it to bring better focus onto gun laws in the USA.

What Can We Do About Gun Violence?

It seems almost too obvious to tell people to stop buying guns – but that’s where it should start. If there is no demand for a product, manufacturers stop making it and turn their attention elsewhere. We need reform; we need stricter laws, more rigid licenses, and better protection in gun stores if we want to enforce real change – but until then, we can do our best not to buy into the industry.

We can also do our bit to support an end to gun violence to call out wrong attitudes towards weapons when we see them. Like you should call out racism, you should call out friends who are using guns as threats. Don’t stand for it, and soon the industry won’t stand for itself.

When it comes to gun violence, we can all do our part. Let’s stop this now before it goes any further. Nobody should have to watch their children die.


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