Creating a legacy of her own – make way for Sharmistha Ghosh.

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As a single mother, she fought it all on her own and today has created the life of her dreams.

It takes a lot for individuals to make efforts towards their dreams and turn the same into a beautiful reality. To walk one’s path to success is no walk in the park, and it may test a person’s patience to the core; however, what individuals choose to do amidst such situations goes ahead in defining the success they may achieve on their journeys. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such self-made, high-performing woman, who saw it all, faced every challenge, but stood strong in the face of adversities and gave it back with grit, courage, and resilience; she is Sharmistha Ghosh, a single mother, who dreamt it big and achieved it all.

Talking about her journey, Sharmistha Ghosh says that at the age of 19, she was a single mother, hailing from Shantipur in West Bengal. To make ends meet, she relocated to Kolkata for a job while still being a teenager. She kept hustling and increasing her knowledge in the fashion and modelling space, as that excited her the most. This led her to eventually participate in the “King Fisher Calendar Model” content in 2011 and even was among the top five King Fisher Models. Her love for food knew no boundaries, and besides doing great in modelling, Sharmistha Ghosh decided to turn into entrepreneurship by starting her own restaurant in Goa. It was called “Our Shack” in North Goa, which was launched in 2011. The restaurant went ahead in becoming a huge hit in the city and was even awarded for best ambience and service by Goa Tourism. However, challenges kept coming, and unfortunately, she had to shut shops.

Even after seeing so much, Sharmistha Ghosh never gave up and only kept walking her path. She came to Mumbai and worked as a Marketing Manager from 2015 and 2018. To do even better and build a stronger career for herself, she went to Toronto, Canada, and started working as a Restaurant Supervisor. Today, her experience and expertise in the industry have ignited the fire in her to start her own restaurant there, for which she is working on a business plan and waiting for the funding to get approved.

Sharmistha Ghosh is all about passion, determination, and courage. She aspires to open a Multiple Restaurant chain, support her daughter in achieving her dreams and also open a foundation where she can adopt orphan kids to better their lives. Her journey as a self-made success story has inspired so many other women out there across the world.

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