Cinnannoe on Having Over 3 Million Followers on TikTok and Instagram 

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The headline says it all— Cinnannoe is TikTok and Instagram famous. With over 3 million followers, this world-renowned cosplayer and social media influencer grows her following day by day.  

Despite this, Cinnannoe remains grounded. Fans also say that she is one of the humblest social media influencers they knew.   

In fact, her friends and family say that she is the same girl they used to know. In short, nothing changed. Cinnannoe might be famous, but she doesn’t rub it on people’s faces.  

After all, she would have not become famous if she had a terrible attitude. As we can see in the social media influencer industry, Having a bad reputation means being cancelled.  

Thankfully, this won’t happen to Cinnannoe because she’s a nice, sweet young lady.  

But we just can’t rely on what others say about her. We have to see it for ourselves. So we had an interview with Cinnannoe to see what she’s like in real life.  

Spoiler alert: everyone’s right. She’s like a ray of sunshine in a dark, judgmental world.  

While that sounds a little bit cheesy, it’s true.  

As we talked to Cinnannoe, we saw her shy yet fun demeanor. She was soft-spoken yet energetic. She was also extremely polite up to the point where it became a little bit uncomfortable because of how polite she is. 

Remember a person who thanks you and says sorry a lot even if they didn’t do anything wrong? That’s how she’s like in real life.  

Stories aside, let’s go to the tidbits of our interview with Cinnannoe.  

First of all, we asked Cinnannoe what she thinks about her fame.  

She responded, “I am so thankful to everyone who supports me. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.” 

Of course, she’ll be thankful. She’s a sweet, polite girl, remember? 

Then, we asked about her work.  

According to Cinnannoe, work has been hectic lately. The LA native has been working with LA artists and photographers.  

Brands also approach her for collaborations. She also works side-by-side with fellow social media influencers to make content.  

Sounds hectic, right? 

Yet this fame and working with famous people did not go to her head. 

Cinnannoe said that she remains grounded, not because social media stars are required to, but because that’s who she is.  

“Growing up, I’ve always loved anime. Some people saw me as a nerd. Despite my love for it, I never bragged how creative or artistic I was,” she confessed.  

She never had to brag about it because her work shows how creative she is. Her designs show how creative Cinnannoe is.  

Plus, her fans objectively say that her designs are amazing.  

For a famous social media influencer to design and create her own costumes, Cinnannoe has a lot on her plate.  

Despite this, she continues designing and creating her own costumes. She works so hard every day to put out spectacular content in hopes of creating a positive space for everyone to thrive in.  

And for that, Cinnannoe is one of a kind.  

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