Christopher Louray Mandujan on Music as an Emotional and Creative Outlet

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Beats, bars, and lyrics can release feelings and emotions that would have otherwise remained imprisoned within. Music has the universal power to create emotional outlets, and the process can be highly cathartic and rewarding. Christopher Louray Mandujan, better known as “Centric,” is a much-loved music composer and record producer who understands how powerfully music can be used as an emotional and creative outlet.

As “Centric,” Christopher Louray Mandujan has explored and expressed emotions that belong not just to him but also resonate with others. He shares that this is one of the most rewarding elements of recording music; he explains, “When you build a song, from its opening to its outro, you have the chance to build a medium for someone, a release that could bring them relief from their own emotions.” 

From early on in his career, Christopher Louray Mandujan has been a prolific producer who has helped future Grammy Award-winning artists reach listeners and build an emotional bridge between their music and their audience. According to Christopher Louray, music has always appealed to him as a creative outlet and the purest means of expression, which is why his passion for the emotion found in music is evident within his solo career and collaborations.

One of the most remarkable collaborations that Christopher Louray Mandujan is known for is being one half of the Hip-Hop duo “Grand Opus,” who built a robust following with the release of their debut album, “Forever.” As a solo performing artist, “Centric” has transitioned smoothly from Hip-Hop to a broader scope of both Soul and R&B, and his success has seen him ink some highly influential licensing deals with several major brands.

Music can be a powerful conductor, reaching and uniting people no matter their background, and Christopher Louray Mandujan believes that its ability to be a priceless emotional and creative outlet can never be understated.

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