“Chase your dreams with audacity”: Virat Tuli

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A highly diligent and passionate individual with a penchant for writing and expressing his creativity through spellbinding prose, Virat Tuli is a man who knows how to weave words using his razor-sharp wit and wisdom. An avid learner for life with leadership skills naturally imbibed in him, he believes in taking people along the journey of growth and expansion and betterment of the self. Armed with his own personal experiences and of all those he’s mentored, Virat Tuli is tenacious and zesty in all that he does and has a striking persona that’s unprecedented by any.

Small Interview of Virat Tuli:

Hi, I’m Virat ,

From a very young age, I knew I didn’t want to be reduced to just a name, a profession, or another face in the ocean of uninspired, despondent individuals following a customary trajectory of career and life.

And thus began my lifelong endeavor of seeking knowledge and skills in various fields that piqued my interest. Along the way, I fell in love with expressing myself through the written word and churning up content that sparked joy.

I have indulged myself in a multitude of disciplines and have garnered expertise in all of them, due to my innate predisposition towards mastery of the self and a drive to provide an underlying finesse in everything I do.

I have faced rejections, turmoil, the various ups and downs that life is so capable of throwing at us and I have emerged victorious through them, all thanks to the undefeated spirit that I have weaved within myself.

Though I belong to a business family and resultantly I had a fully served opportunity to have started my career, without any hindrances or dilemmas, I aspired to understand the very nerve of business so as to help refine my business acumen by working outside my family-owned organization.  By working as the head of sales and distribution of the organization named x-Biz Techventures Pvt Ltd, I  nurtured my prowess in marketing and leadership, setting the stage for the advent of my own ambitious ventures in the future. Some of the things I was in charge of whilst working there is as follows:

  • Managing the sales and marketing of the organization
  • Development and implementation of engaging in marketing activities and events.
  • Monitored and managed the budget.


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