Chandan Prasad Sahoo Sharing his Mantra of Success

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Chandan Prasad Sahoo known as chandan,is a popular Blogger of India. He is not only a blogger, he is also a Video content creator & Digital marketer expert. He is the owner of a famous Hindi blog called Many times, He has been honored by other bloggers for his blog. Chandan has 9 years of experience in blogging field. He also has A Tech Youtube channel with 50 thousand subscribers named “Hindi me jankari” .

Chandan Prasad Sahoo belongs from a small village of Odisha called Sambalpur.

Even after belonging to a small village, Chandan Prasad Sahoo fulfilled all his dreams with his hard work and Today lakhs of people from all over the country know him.Chandan Prasad Sahoo started his career many years back. He created his first blog with the help of a blogger while he was studying in college. When he was doing MSC in computer science. As like many successfull bloggers, he had to face lot of failures in the initial time of the blogging field. He didn’t get any success for 3 years. He says that was the worst time in his career because at that time he wasn’t able to earn a single penny from his blog. But he got to learn a lot of things with that time, He didn’t give up and kept working hard for his blog. After three years of hard work he started earning from his blog and Currently he earns more than six figure income from his blog. Millions of visitors visit his blog everyday. All the hard work and efforts of Chandan Prasad Sahoo was paid off when he received the Question Hub Gold Award in the year 2016. He gained more popularity when he was invited in the interview of a famous YouTube channel called Satish ke videos.After his interview he got more recognition and respect from people all over the country.

Chandan Prasad Sahoo proves that if you do lots of hard work for making your dream true then your dreams will definitely come true. At present Chandan Prasad Sahoo not only earns from blog but he also earns from his 2 YouTube channel and from his multiple digital marketing business. The best thing which makes Chandan Prasad Sahoo different from other bloggers is that after being a blogger he teaches people to create their own blog. He provides all the necessary information about blog and SEO for creating a new blog to the newbies . Chandan Prasad Sahoo has a good command in various languages such as Hindi, English, Odia and other native languages also. So we can say, Chandan also suffered a lot before getting success. When Chandan Prasad Sahoo was in 12 standard, he lost his father. During that tought time he decided that after completing his studies he would start earning.

He did as per his wish. When he started blogging his family also did not support him and forced him to do a job. He struggled a lot and when he got success in blogging the reaction of his family changed. SummaryNo doubt, this short story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo is an inspiration for people who want to start a career in blogging.


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