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Cemo Basen – The Walter Mitty Who Has No Boundaries

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Cemo Basen is an American actor, model and social media influencer who has around 1.7 Million family on Instagram. He gained success as an influencer and he worked in season 1 Fox5dc. He always shares his experience on his Instagram account and he keeps updating his fans about his current life. Cemo Basen is 22 year old who was born in Dubai. His birth name is Muhammad Qasim but he is known for his stage name as Cemo Basen. 

This young man is 1.71 m tall which is around 5 feet 7 inches. He weighs around 133 pounds which are around 60 Kilograms. His eye colour is Brown and his Hair colour is Black. Naseer Ud din and Nasreen sadiya are hi sparents. Cemo has a very pleasing personality and is known for his stylish looks. He is famous around youth with his killer model looks and is known to be handsome. Cemo has a love for travelling. He likes to experience different cultures. 

Cemo started his struggle at a very young age. He got famous overnight because of his few videos which went famous overnight without him knowing how his Instagram followers rate getting increased. With each passing day, the audience loves his videos and they always admire them. In most of his videos, he tries to show South-Asian culture. His journey is motivating cause he picked himself from poverty and gave himself a peaceful life, working day and night. Stardom was surprising for him but his hard work is justified his success.

Cemo sometimes get backlashes and trolls but he handles them with grace. He always shows himself as grounded and as an ordinary person yet a person who is full of dreams and knows how to fulfil them. He never misses an opportunity to thank his fans and he says he is forever grateful for the love they showered. He is one of the most famous person on Instagram and people love him the way he projects. He is regarded as the social media star who has such a big audience who keep watching his videos and always supported him. 


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