Blessy Rani Jenefer.S – Best Youth Icon (writer)

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Blessy Rani Jenefer.S belongs to the City of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. She pursuing her final Year B.Tech in Electronics And Communication Engineering. A well braved and armed with a positive mind, she makes her life better with all her dreams and hobbies. She loves more to write poems. She enjoys pursuing “writing poems, short stories, reading books, and to do drawings apart from this she is a Good all round dancer and singer. She has Co-authored nearly 15+ Anthologies in various Publication House. She has Compiled 2 books So far under spectrum of Thoughts. At present she is compiling other book ” Token Of Love” under spectrum of Thoughts which is going to launch next month. Currently, she is working as a ” HEAD COMPILER” for Spectrum of Thoughts an affiliate of FanatiXx and leading projects too. Her Compilation works: “THE MAGICAL CHIP”, “HAPPY VOYAGE”.

Writing is something that she enjoyed the most ever after she started scribbling. She learnt so many things and she grew totally as a different person. She restarted her writing Journey in the year 2020. Her first Compilation “The Magical Chip” always remains special which is a turning point of her writing Journey. Both in her Academics and Passion she shining like a bright diamond and giving her hundred percent. when darkness and pains buries her smile, she lights the candles called writing to glow in her Life. She not only write for herself also for others who still hided in their dark room to come out and bloom like a flower.

She won “Prestigious Literary Award, Spectrum Budding Writter Award, Best writer of the year, Best Author Poetry. The best honour for her is many made her as their inspiration and giving their best in writings and achieving Their goals. Her life was totally changed when she started her writing Journey. Writing is her best and Crime parter forever. You can reach her at
Insta I’d: laughing_Soul_quotes__

The Rising Stars platform is proud to have Blessy Rani Jenefer.S as Independent Indian Icon.


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