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It’s never easy to work for profession and passion simultaneously but we always encourage ourselves so work both for our sake and for our satisfaction. Similar Bhumika Varshney is also doing the same, who is working hard for profession and passion.

“Dream big achieve it” is her agenda of living. Bhumika Varshney is a girl of value, integrity and passion, who hails from Brij, which is well known for birth place of Lord Krishna. She is pursuing her B.D.S from MPDC, Kanpur and simultaneously chasing her passion as poetry writer. Writing poetry gives her immense joy, pleasure, peace and self-confidence as because of this she’s able to Pen down her thoughts on page with the help of ink of her heart. She aspire to become an asthetic dental surgeon and wants to design beautiful beautiful smiles.

She is Compiler of 7+ books including one record aiming book and has Co-Authored in 30+ national and international Anthologies. All her Compiled anthologies are available on Amazon, Kindle, Google books and flipkart. Her work can also be seen on her anthology page named as Insane Heart Poetry. She is founder of “Insane Heart” Instagram page. She is Compiler and Project Head under the Opus Coliseum Publication. She is also chief editor, Content head and designing head of Stem Cells Magazine. She is “Indian Book Records” holder. She has not only performed in writing but also performed in various open mics as well.

 Bhumika Varshney is a cheerful and lively person with her simple rule in life I.e do what makes your soul happy because life is too short for keeping regrets. She believes that you only get life once. So enjoy this life to its fullest.

If we talk about her compiling work her most successful and recent compiled anthology is “Insane Heart” A Quote Book. This book is recognised by “Indian Book of records”, published by Flairs and Glairs Publication. This is purely a Quote Book, which consists of Quotes submitted by 200 writers and each quote is of 5*5 Format I.e. each quote consists of 5 lines and each line consists of 5 words. Not only because of it’s format, This book is also unique for the color of the pages which is  sea green. As Sea green colour itself depicts newness. So it was something new in terms of anthology for Co-authors and has one and only quote anthology which such extraordinary uniqueness.

She has complied other books as well her first book was “GOONJ : The Voice of Silence” published by Orange book Publication. It consists of hindi as well as English poetries of different writers. Goonj is defined as voice of silence, silence which we have in our body, a voice that broke us from inside many times, but then sudden voice and echo which gives us a power again to stand.

Her Second Anthology was “Alfaaz”,completely different from the previous one as now she wants writers to come forward and note down their feeling straight through this anthology.

And similarly, like this she compiled more than 7 anthologies named as “Essence of Memories”, “Unpenned Thoughts”, “Note to Myself”, “Insane Heart, An open book”, “Moonlight”, “Girl Child”, “Insane Heart, an open book 2” including one record holding book “Insane Heart, Quote Book.” You can purchase her compiled work from Amazon, Kindle and Flipkart as well. So these are some glimpses of her compilation work.

Her passion of writing is not limited only to anthologies but her unique ideas are also for magazine. She is also chief editor, Content head and editing head of Stem Cells Magazine. Stem Cells Magazine is a unique platform for young and aspiring artists to show their talents. As she always believes in promoting new and aspiring talents. You can see her magazine work on Amazon and Kindle.

She always cheers young writers and encourages them to write as she know writing always helps to understand things around us. She believes writing makes us confident and comfortable. She started writing in her School time with some scribblings, firstly she started with small poetries on common topics such as love and betrayal but after experiencing and exploring so much around her or in society she started to write poetry on social issues as well.

Bhumika Varshney is a girl who believes in balancing the things whether it’s about balancing emotions or balancing equality in society. She always tries to give power to women through her poetry to fights for their equality, to fight for their dreams, goals and ambitions.

She is a girl with wings, wings that she got from her childhood as from school caption to Successful Compiler, she had seen a lot of success and also feels that this success which she has got come through some failures and lessons of life. Firstly She was school caption of her school then in college she had also won the crown of miss freshers and then participated in many college conferences in her academics as dental student, Apart from his academics and professional education she has also achieved good positions in the writing field also and performed in various open mics.

She started as this journey as co-author of Rainbow and Moon last October and now she is has submitted her writeups in more than 30 Anthologies as co-author.

She is project head and Compiler under Opus Coliseum Publication.

She is the Management head of “Poetry Pillar Club”.

She is the Community head of Paradis Infini.

So, in a short span of time she has done wonders in academic, professional and passion.

Bhumika Varshney a girl with wings, dreams, Ambitions and most importantly a girl with high standards.

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