How to master the art of modeling by a Dubai-based Armenian/Persian model Az Nosrati.

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“The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature and what’s needed is to bring something new” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Do you want to become a model? Do you want to add wings to your dreams of being a fashion model? Are you hankering to walk the runway? Do you like to get a chance to appear in magazines? Certainly, there would be lots of nodded heads for a big ‘YES’ because obviously, the influence of modeling has reached far beyond anything else. Countless women dream about becoming models and trying their luck to enter into the glamorous field, while a few are born to become superstar models and inspire the world. Az Nosrati is one of such fashion’s illustrious models who has the kind of vigorous body many women aspire to. Az started modeling at the age of seventeen when she was mature enough for her age. It’s been more than twelve years of her being in the modeling industry. The change in her, the development in her body and mind over the years made her a better model than she was in her teens. Az also has eight years of experience in sales as a sales executive, in exhibitions & in hosting the shows as well.

Az is a Dubai-based half-A Armenian/Persian model famous for her good looks and virtuous personality. Az never thought to pursue modeling as a career until it didn’t happen. She never chose to model, instead of modeling chose her. It is said that whatever is made for you, is automatically made its way to you. With a great sense of walking, posing, and smiling, Az is living a model dom lifestyle. She indeed lives and breathes fashion. Being a model is who she is and whose life revolves around her passion & her first love, modeling.

In early times, models were considered as walking mannequins and hangers to hang clothes who had no values, no respect in others’ eyes, neither as a model nor as a profession. Now, in the contemporary world, modeling has become a subjective industry that emphasizes the projection of personality and expression of models. People’s perception of the fashion industry has changed forever and so has the models & modeling because putting fashion equal to fashion models won’t be wrong. Ms. Nosrati attended trade show modeling courses and editorial courses when she was just fifteen years old but she learned the rest of the modeling categories by herself by watching modeling videos and poses. She says, “In this era of technology, one can learn everything online through advanced YouTube videos, websites, and from a lot of other online portals. You just need to be disciplined and consistent because these are the keys to a successful modeling career.” Az Nosrati was awarded the title of MISS INTERNATIONAL DUBAI, 2020, and has been a part of many other shows as well.

There was a time when online platforms were used to only communicate & chat with loved ones. But now people are well aware of the power of social media. A huge increase in Instagram models has been noticed in the past few years. Instagram has become a magical way for those who want to take control over their careers. Availing social media to empower aspiring models, Ms. Nosrati has made her presence felt on online portals like Instagram with her magnificent modeling portfolios and alluring pictures. Anybody can relish her feed full of different poses and styles especially women who can take ideas and inspiration on how to conquer social media and the art of modeling.

Follow her on Instagram @iloveazbeauty

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