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Award Winning poet and Aspiring writer Prerna Arora creating waves in Indian literature

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I wanna go deep down into the words and want to explore the ‘ World Of Words’ . – Prerna Arora

Prerna Arora is an 18 year old girl from Hastinapur. She is a Reader, Writer, Listener and a Student of University Of Delhi (DU). She had started her journey of writing from class 12 with her first poetry ‘Shiddat’ which was published in the magazine ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and till now she is the Co-Author of more then 10 anthologies under different publications and continuing with more.For her, writing is her passion which gives her a positive attitude and a ray of hope and shine in the darkness. She said that writing is all about to explore and to write what you feel . She also said that for exploring this world firstly you have to explore yourself that what is hidden inside you and at which point of view you look at this world and yourself. The way you look yourself look the world in the same. 

“एक नज़र का नज़रिया था उस नज़रिए को देखने का,

जिस नज़र से हम दुनिया को देखा करते थे।

के एक नज़र का नज़रिया था,उस नज़रिए को देखने का,

जिस नज़र से हम दुनिया को देखा करते थे,

ओर फिर जिस नज़रिए से देखा मैंने एक दिन झांक कर खुद में,

तो उस नज़रिए ने दुनिया को देखने का नज़रिया बदल दिया।”

                  _ प्रेरणा अरोरा 

Now she is also the Head Compiler of ‘Dream Publishers’ ran by Mr Rohit Arya (A founder of Dream Publishers’).She has also achieved some awards in the field of Indian Literature.She has been awarded as the winner of ‘Talent Of The Year 2021’ ‘The Elite Books Award 2021”Rabindranath Tagore International Prize Of Art And Literature”Sahitya Ratna Award- Top 30 Literary Icons Of 2021’She has also been selected as a Best Co-Author and a Best Writer.Being a writer and writing is a part of a journey of her life.She wants to explore, write and express herself to the world and wants to reach the millions of people and to win their heart through her words.

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