Author Kaia Ra on How She Helps Activate Quantum Leap Growth for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

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Growth for entrepreneurs and professionals has found a new way to move higher up in the spiritual realm. Bestselling author Kaia Ra and Oracle for The Sophia Dragon Tribe explains further. 

“Successfully building a business and creating momentum in your professional career requires insight, perspective, and even divine interventions from a higher consciousness that exists beyond your immediate awareness. The Sophia Code teaches us that you are not alone in your creative process, further, that you can be supported in a co-creative team effort with enlightened beings and angelic guides. Many people subtly tune into that higher consciousness through prayer, meditation, or visualization. I birthed The Sophia Code Mystery School to teach others how to become consciously aware of their personal power to amplify this direct connection to a higher consciousness that can bless your goals.”

“With the support of the Ascended Masters, I guide others in how to download and integrate their ‘Higher Self’ consciousness. We examine the many facets of this consciousness and how it can elevate any professional calling and business goal. Many people are trying to succeed without the full support they need and my role is to open their awareness and expand their capacity to receive from a higher source of reality. Believing you are worthy of the Ascended Masters’ help is the first step to experiencing extraordinary success,” says author, Kaia Ra on how elevating your consciousness can uplevel your business mastery.

Through her ceremonial events, spiritual leadership, and Mystery School Curriculums, Kaia Ra mentors individuals in how to activate, integrate, and embody their sovereign divinity. She has the innate gift of being a spiritual voice to the next generation. Kaia Ra’s educational model, fine art creations, spiritual jewelry, altar and sacred space design, and lifestyle products are taking entrepreneurship to the next level. 

Kaia Ra became a bestselling author with the release of The Sophia Code, a worldwide phenomenon that’s become a Divine Feminine ‘bible’ to thousands of readers. The recently released French translation, ‘Le Code Sophia’ is an international bestseller as well. Kaia Ra is a graduate of Fine Arts from Emerson College in Boston, MA, which provided a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial spirit. 

She also adds, “I took every opportunity to learn everything that I could about brand development, business management, and creating a healthy company culture at the many design firms I worked at before transitioning full time to owning my own business. I discovered that treating every chapter in life as a valuable learning experience was essential for making my dreams come true.” 

Kaia Ra is a beloved spiritual leader, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and nature lover making a big impact for the Divine Feminine movement as the next generation of spiritual leadership. Her passion for invoking and nurturing the same creative genius and entrepreneurial spirit within others is widely felt by her students worldwide. 

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