Author Hanna Shanar and A Search For Truth

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Hanna has been featured in a variety of different news outlets regarding his new book and visions for spreading health awareness and positivity across his social media platforms. We had the pleasure of speaking with Hanna about his book titled A Search For Truth. Although unreleased, public interest in Hanna’s book seems to be apparent. Hanna provided us with some sneak peeks into his work. He mentions that the manuscript has actually taken almost three years to complete. His initial work amassed some 35,000 words, but after editing and other readability adjustments, the new total word count is around 22,000 words. This correlates to roughly one hundred pages of content, with a few other filler pages for acknowledgments and dedications. Hanna mentions that his college education in liberal arts, especially courses involved with philosophy and theology, is most responsible for inspiring him to write a short book exploring what Hanna regards as “the most important questions in human existence.” Where did the universe come from? What is a human? These are some of the questions that are highlighted throughout the piece. Hanna also offered us a question to help set the stage for some of the other concepts he addresses: If you have control over a train that can only travel in two directions, either towards a group of five people strapped down to the tracks, or a group of 50 people strapped to the tracks, which direction would you send the train, and why? Hanna suggests that this question is wholly concerned with human rationality and morality, and offers explanations for why humans act in certain ways. As a scientist, medical student, and researcher acknowledged in the American Journal of Cardiology, Hanna inevitably roots the answers to these questions in the biological basis of human existence. However, Hanna suggests that the manner in which he interrelates science and spirituality makes his manuscript particularly unique and insightful. A Search For Truth will be available on Amazon in the coming months, and we are excited to see how well this title performs at the book launch. For more information on Hanna or his new book, click here.

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