Authentic Content and a Stellar Sense of Humor Have Made ImTheJay a TikTok Darling

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Over the past few years, the young app TikTok has exploded in popularity. The pandemic-induced lockdowns of 2020 further boosted this app’s use, and many social media stars used it as their launchpad to fame. One such star is 21-year-old Jay Sage.

Better known to her followers as ImTheJay, Sage posted her first videos to TikTok in early 2020. An animal lover, Jay was spending her time volunteering at an animal shelter when a friend asked her to start making videos of Sage’s hysterical dance parodies. It turns out, this young lady went viral almost immediately. Today, ImTheJay has 5 million followers and 117 likes on TikTok alone. Her Instagram account, which shares the same handle, boasts 457,000 followers.

So who is Jay Sage? Simply put, she is an all-American California girl who loves burgers and has a stellar sense of humor. She loves to make funny faces, a trait that shines through in her comedic videos, especially those on her YouTube channel. One of the most popular TikTok stars in the USA, she has always adored the platform and truly enjoys uploading her videos. Audiences are every bit as delighted by her engaging and funny content which is equally authentic.

The next steps for ImTheJay are to break out of lip synching and focusing on her music career. Having starred in Payton Smith’s video “What it Meant To Lose You”, Sage was bitten by the music bug and has taken the first steps to becoming a vocalist. As music is one of her passions, and with a built in audience ranging in the millions, this young sensation is sure to make an equally large impact as a musician.

The future looks very bright for ImTheJay. Thanks to her endearing personality and multitude of talents, the bubbly blonde is well on her way to becoming a household name.

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