Ashley Black’s Spiritual Approach To Entrepreneurship Is Changing The Way Women Approach Success

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After being diagnosed with a chronic disease, powerhouse entrepreneur Ashley Black turned inward to heal herself, and it changed the trajectory of her life forever. Now she’s determined to help others do the same.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably come across a book or two that promises to share with you the secret formula for success. If you browsed through it, you likely read something about a target audience, or the importance of crafting an impactful message that resonates with them. Whether you look at the top of the shelf or the bottom, the majority of business coaching books at your local bookstore generally tend to say the same thing, “follow these steps and you’ll become a millionaire!” However, one key element is often missing, which is the importance of fostering a healthy relationship with yourself, and the universe around you.

Esteemed entrepreneur Ashley Black is a #1 best selling author, and creator of the groundbreaking myofascial tool, the Fasciablaster, and she’s slated to take the world by storm with her unique perspective on entrepreneurship, which is quite different from what else is being advised on the market.

“Most people either dive into spiritualism, or belief systems around money, but this is a crossover between both,” she says. Black, along with Lisa Vranckren and Korie Minkus, are the authors of an upcoming book titled “BE: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” which focuses on tapping into your Divine Feminine energy to attract the life of your dreams. She says spirituality and success go hand in hand, and it’s not necessarily about what you do, but how you learn to operate as the highest version of yourself, that will allow you to work as an entrepreneur in the most effective way possible.

She says there needs to be a certain harmony in your life so you can create a coherency between your body, your brain, your soul, and the universe in order to be successful. “For you to achieve this harmony, the first thing that you have to do is simply start stripping things away that are not in alignment with what you want for your life or your business,” she says. Things like past experiences, low vibrational emotions, and self worth or playing small, are all things that do not align with high vibrational living. Learning to disconnect from them will allow you to focus on what matters most.

When Black was a child, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), which forced her to learn how to disconnect from the difficulties of life. She experienced waves of debilitating pain throughout her childhood and was even told she would need a wheelchair by the age of 25. Yet, Black was determined to heal herself, and miraculously cured her body all by her own accord. After denying the harmful medications prescribed to her by her doctor, Black developed her own physical therapy, and built a stronger connection with herself and the universe. And today, she is passionate about helping other people heal and achieve their goals by using a similar approach.

“Every year as I evolve as a person and get introduced to new things, I make it a point to take my audience through that as well,” she says.“Helping people heal in a different way is my mission,” she adds. “When I was crippled, I prayed to the universe to show me the path  to heal myself in totality, and I said that I would share it with the world after if God would illuminate the path.”

The key learnings that Black discovered on her journey to success are outlined in her upcoming book. Each chapter breaks down the science behind a particular teaching, and takes the reader through an exercise of self exploration. “It’s really like ripping the band aid off and looking at all these areas of your life and learning to optimize for mindset expansion” she says. The second part of the book is about taking what you’ve unearthed and creating a brand and products around that, through a lens of prosperity.”

To Black, prosperity isn’t about being a best-selling author or making it on the list of entrepreneurs of the year. Instead, it’s about being at home with family, relaxing in your infinity pool and thinking, taking time for healthy lifestyle choices and thinking “damn, I really did it.” Regardless of what you envision prosperity to look like, it’s something that we all desire to achieve. But what’s most important to note is that success doesn’t come down to what you do, but your relationship with yourself, and the universe around you. “You have to be you, be out there, and the right people will resonate with your message,” she says.

Black boasts an awe-inspiring dedication to help other women improve their lives. From the invention of the Fascia Blaster which has helped millions of women feel comfortable in their bodies, to her journey of self realization, Black shows that anything is possible. And her approach is inarguably working, as she preps her company for an IPO in 2024 that could very well earn her the title of the next self made female billionaire. But even then Black says “That would be amazing, I could do so much for the world. I already have everything I want for myself.”

Be sure to pre-order a copy of “BE: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” so that you can unravel the true secrets to success that she, along with Lisa Vranckren and Korie Minkus, reveal. The book releases June 28, 2022.

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