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Artist Senior Releases New Album Break & Tell on July 23rd, 2021

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Musical inspiration can come from many avenues and ignite a fire within artists to create magnetizing songs to share with the world. In his new album Break & Tell, artist Senior’s inspiration comes from his real-life experiences, and shares them through the art of music, connecting emotionally with fans and writing songs many can relate to on a personal level.

Senior, true name James William Awad, is a new face in the music industry and has been widely successful recently in sharing his musical talent. He creates hip-hop and R&B music and is set to release his new album Break & Tell on July 23rd, 2021. Awad will give his fans 14 new songs within the album to enjoy, and many of them will feature stories close to Senior’s heart.

Senior is a gifted storyteller passionate about sharing his feelings and life experiences with his fans. Many of Senior’s lyrics are taken directly from moments he’s lived through, and he strives to write songs that people can connect to within their own lives. The way Senior writes is what allows him to connect with fans on a deep level, both sharing the emotions through the songs. One of Senior’s favorite songs is Video Game, featured on the new album Break & Tell. “The song features sounds of EDM, hip-hop, and rap, and was a fun but complex song to write,” says Senior.

As a new artist, Senior is still learning and growing, and has many goals for the future. Currently, a few of his main goals are to reach the top spot in the music charts and release one album per year for his fans. He believes an important challenge he is working to overcome is sharing his messages better with fans. “Sharing a message is easy, but sharing a clear and understood message is the part I am working on. I am getting better with time and experience,” says Senior. One piece of advice Senior has for aspiring artists is to “stay consistent and learn from the feedback you receive.”

If all goes according to plan, Senior is set to perform at the 2021 Rolling Loud festival in Miami and Portugal and is excited to connect with his fans on stage. Senior is also anticipating touring after releasing his third album in the future, which is something fans can look forward to. Right now, fans will have to wait until July 23rd to hear Senior’s new music, but he often releases sneak peaks and promotional videos on his social media for fans to soak up before the album drops.
Follow Senior and his music career at @senior on Instagram and click here to pre-save Break & Tell.

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