Artist Reza Lavassani explains how his paintings and sculptures are deep and meaningful

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What comes to our mind when we say masterpiece? It is probably any artistic design, painting or sculpture that immediately pops our mind. In the world of artistry, there are a lot of painters who have created an everlasting legacy with their work. So, what does it take to be one of the most creative painters and illustrators? Well, the answer lies in creativity. Today we tell you about one such technically skilled artist named Reza Lavassani whose contribution has changed the art culture.

Reza Lavassani is a man with multiple talents. Hailing from Tehran, Iran, he is a painter, sculptor, illustrator and stage designer. What makes Reza stand apart from his contemporaries is his highly philosophical expressions in his artwork. The talented artist studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University. To hone his skills and set a benchmark in his creative paintings, Reza studied philosophy and mysticism to understand the in-depth meaning of mythology, sociology, religion and history that he imbibed in his art culture.

The versatile artist’s paintings and sculptures have a deeper meaning of philosophy that includes universal symbols and mythological legends. Speaking about his unique artwork, the painter and sculptor said, “A painting should have a meaning to it. Having said that, the meaning can be subjective and can vary from person to person. I feel glad when people decode the meaning behind my artwork with a different perspective. It inspires me to make meaningful illustrations, and that is the beauty of my profession.

In a majority of his paintings, ancient symbols are recreated with elements like horses, birds and trees. He further went on to say that a horse represents speed and nobility whereas a bird is a messenger between the earth and heaven. The artist’s contemporary yet out of the box designs has brought the vintage era to life with the modern-day artistic pieces. For the same, Reza Lavassani has left many budding artists impressed and inspired.

Earlier, Lavassani has held various exhibitions in Tehran and has participated in different national and international group exhibitions of the world. The painter’s work has helped him earn prestigious awards including the UNESCO’s Noma Concourse in 1994 and 2007. Moreover, he has won the first prize at Tehran’s 4th Biennial of Sculpture and 6th Biennial of Illustration. On various occasions, Reza Lavassani’s art has been featured in different publications that have seen him grow as one of the popular artists across the world. Reza Lavassani is under the patronage of Behnoode Foundation.


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