Arjun Mishra – A visionary leader revolutionising the skill-based higher education with Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd

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Arjun Mishra is an entrepreneur and the founder of Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd. He coined his company with the mission to make a distinction in the life of people easing the problem of a wide section of educated youths in various capacities eradicating unemployment, education and poverty. Being obsessed, driven and Zealous Arjun thought big and followed his tunnel vision. Amid the changing world and economy along with it, Arjun identified the need for skill-based higher education in India that can produce a skill-based workforce and he as a visionary thrived to bring about a change in the life of the human capital of the country owing to the need to empower them for the development of the economy. He took initiative to develop his pioneering ideas and prioritising skill-based higher education he had established Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd.

India has the world’s biggest youth population, accounting for over 64% of the 1.3 billion population, and it is imperative that the education system continue to play a leading role in equipping the youngster with the necessary skills and further education. India lacks skill-based education, despite the fact that nations such as China, Sweden, and others already have it. Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd in India pioneered the concept so that India might become a reservoir of market-ready talent for the rest of the globe. Many of the major four corporations and industries have become stakeholders in the education system, and factories have been transformed into academies with their aid. Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd is a pioneering start-up that aims to integrate skills and training as well as extend chances for students to gain relevant work and employment skills, to mention a few.

Being born and brought up in a humble family in the small town of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh Arjun started his career as a teacher in the village. He was always inclined towards helping the youth of India and so he kept his dream intact without worrying about any setbacks and kept moving ahead. He embraced every situation of his life and was resorted to doing many odd jobs besides teaching the village kids. He embraced the worst that inevitably came his way but he always had the resiliency to continue believing that the best was yet to come. With this optimistic approach, he gave wings to his thoughts of integrating the skills with education. With changing scenario of the world, he had realised that incorporating skill-based education has become the need of the hour. This triggered him to coin a company that would not just ease out learning but also help youth get jobs. His main goal was to work in education, employment and jobs all across the globe.

Needless to mention, Skill-based education has the potential to help break the cycle of unemployment in India by promoting the art of learning and growth, therefore equipping students to succeed in their chosen sector. Arjun had noticed that many individuals were unable to obtain a good job with a high salary owing to a lack of education and a professional degree, and he resolved to make a change in society that would not only enhance their lifestyle but also their living standard. He realised that students are the country’s human capital and that empowering them is critical for economic progress. In reality, skill-based education is far more successful and purpose-driven than traditional schooling.

Indeed, anyone can make a decision to start but winners remain the one who is bold enough to make the decision to continue. Arjun formed his company Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd in the year 2017 with the idea of turning Industrial skills into an educational institute where after the completion of the course any candidate can earn a stipend. In a span of 4 years since its inception, the company had successfully clocked a revenue of 50 crores. Developing a company around his innovation, Arjun had managed his company assuming the risk for its success following his passion as one of the best predictors of success. Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd is creating the basis of such talents, skills, and capacities among the youngsters in this period of Make in India when the skill India campaign is being strongly promoted so that they are future-ready and employment-oriented. Through his company Distil Education and Technology Pvt Ltd, Arjun has produced employment-oriented education, examining the current situation and devising solutions so that everyone may work together to address looming challenges and build future cognizant citizens.


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