Anshumaan Thakur – The ray of light in the dark

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When people got accustomed with the situation and when they started living at dismay, losing hope and justification, luck charmed its way. Amidst the darkness of adjustment, personalities like that of Anshumaan Thakur acts as the ray of light brining in hope and desire.

Anshumaan Thakur was born on 15th October, 1997 in Gopiganj, Bhadohi and was brought up in Varanasi. Anshumaan Thakur is a graduate from Allahabad University with a degree in Bachelors of Commerce.

Being born and brought up in a middle class family, Anshumaan Thakur has grown seeing the hardships of the people closely. He was motivated and intrigued by the idea of doing something for the society, to ease the pressure and burden from over them.

Following his instincts and passion, putting in utmost dedication, Anshumaan Thakur has evolved a new era of growth and development. Anshumaan Thakur has been the enlightened light of hope, rekindling the desire in the hearts of the people.

Drawing motivation from the satisfaction and peace that he gets, Anshumaan Thakur strives relentlessly for the people and the society. Visioning his dream of a glorified and developed India, Anshumaan Thakur has successfully embarked the desires of the people of the society.

A better home to live in for a better tomorrow, along with sustainable development is the vision Anshumaan Thakur has enticed in the people. He believes in moving and working together, uniting the efforts for getting fruitful results.

Under the guidance of his uncle who is also his mentor and the MP of Domariyaganj, Jagadambika, Anshumaan Thakur has settled a version of himself in the hearts of the people. From leading them, Anshumaan Thakur is considered as their own by the society.

Reliving and following the stardom for an appraised quality of life and standard of living, Anshumaan Thakur is redefining the consent for development, imparting a new and appraised ray of light even in the immobile sights.

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