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Music is the map to the soul, a road to heaven. Over the years, several changes and trends have occupied the music industry. New artists, new styles, and new music have influenced the youth of the world in several ways. Many aspiring singers practice every minute to outshine others in this competition. Out of thousands of these aspiring musicians, only a few can establish a promising place in this industry. Aniket Singh is one of them.

Aniket Singh is a 19-year-old verified Indian hip-hop artist on Spotify. He is best known as a singer, musical artist, guitarist, and songwriter.  Is very famous for the contemporary style and versatile flow in his music and he looks forward to creating more music that is inspired by his surroundings and places a picture of an excellent Indian take on rock and hip hop culture.  He had a keen interest in music since his childhood and this interest soon turned into a passion. He is a very creative, intelligent person who has always shown his determination and passion for music. Out of many aspiring singers and music producers emerging every day, few have the power to make a strong base in this industry where trends and people change almost every day. The ones having a creative and outstanding approach to the new changes outshine the others in this competition. Aniket Singh’s track got 38k streams within 7 days of its release in Haryana.

Creating a song track involves the collaboration of many people. Producers, composers, and creators staying behind the curtains work hard to make everything perfect, hence, creating a track everyone likes. As for Aniket, his strategies, ideas, and creativity has proved to be a great help in producing good music for his audience. The way wasn’t easy, he hustled hard to develop and polish his skills as a music producer and now his style and uniqueness show his dedication to his work. Wada, Love me, Tanha, Chad, etc. are some of his hit songs produced by him.

He is already a very successful music producer because of his professional skills and sheer presence. His soundtracks are quite popular and his fanbase is increasing rapidly. He is a verified artist and his online presence is quite remarkable for an emerging star. People believe that he is surely gonna rock the music industry someday and his pure dedication and commitment to his work will be the reason for his success. His interest in music and talent in terms of music creation allowed him to choose music as the best career option for him.

Aniket Singh is a very inspiring personality and he is very talented in this field which will surely bring him a huge amount of luck and success further. His hard-work and high indulgence in music helped him to continue a journey further. He wants to be an asset to the Indian Hip hop field and wants to make Indian hip-hop the best among every other music genre.

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