Alfred Dzadey: The multi-award-winning property investor and developer, SME business investor, and much more everyone’s talking about.

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The UK-based multi-skilled entrepreneur has made strides in the property industry with his business Real Property Ventures.

It is truly surreal to read more and know about all those individuals and professionals who never shy away from taking the required risks to jump high and above and get to their desired levels of growth and success. This is definitely easier said than done, but there have been a few professionals and entrepreneurs who have done even that and have shown the world what it takes to become one’s best version. Across the UK, one industry that has been on a constant growth pedestal is the real estate and the property industry, which has seen the rise of many such talented beings, and Alfred Dzadey’s name tops the list in the same. Today, Alfred Dzadey is a multi-award-winning property investor and developer, SME business investor, and much more, creating a lot of buzz around him and his work across the UK.

Born on 25th November 1992, Alfred Dzadey had every early realized he was meant to achieve great in his career and thus invested in his education to focus on personal development and get into the business world. He began with concerts, where he would borrow private funds, offering great returns to investors, and would utilize the capital with a partner for running those concerts for university students. Simultaneously, he also got educated in property investing and began his professional career as a Project Manager. He highlights that he has an aerospace engineering background and has worked as a contracting project manager for Jaguar Land Rover, where he was responsible for projects up to £200m for five years before he began his journey as an entrepreneurial talent.

Today, the young talent is the founder and director of Real Property Ventures, which he initiated in the year 2018. It is a growing property investment and development company in the UK that is determined to help people achieve better returns on their money through various robust property projects. His company so far has achieved tremendously in the industry, completing several property development projects. Currently, he is working on many other new property development projects for expanding his portfolio and is also growing in the business acquisition space.

With mergers and acquisitions, he and his team look to buy haulage businesses with has a turnover of 2-8 million euros based on a number of attributes. Alfred Dzadey is the one, who had lost his job, but this challenge pushed him forward to pursue his property business, and the rest is history.

Do visit his website,, to know more.

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