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After the army, it’s time for more stimulating work

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Jasamine Banks didn’t intend to become a porn star. (Well, perhaps she did in the back of her mind. But that’s another story.)

After getting her G.E.D., Jasamine joined the U.S. Army when she was 17, but her career in the military didn’t come close to lasting until retirement.

‘I got get kicked out for getting pregnant and smoking weed at 19 during AIT [Advanced Individual Training], she said. The process of being discharged for her pregnancy along with a Bad Conduct charge for the weed took two years to resolve.

“It was super long,” Jasamine said, but it was finally settled by the time she turned 20.

Obviously, the military was not for her. But sex work? Maybe so. She certainly had the looks for it.

“I don’t feel like I chose my career. I feel like it chose me. I was in the 8th grade the first time I ever received money from a man who liked me. I was a pretty troubled teen. I didn’t live with my mom.”

But she was realizing that the parts of life that aren’t so good can be transformed into something amazing, as long as you have the will and wherewithal. These things, Jasamine had in spades.

A quick change

The same year she received her discharge papers, Jasaminebecame part of the sex industry, and began building her brand. “I am the CEO of my brand Jasamine Banks, which for the most part is my OnlyFans. I’ve been building since October of 2018.”

Funds paid by fans are paid to Jasamine once a month. Because she is in control of her platform, she generally determines what is out there for the world to see.

There was a contest involving a cucumber that went a little too far, she says. But given the growth spurt her company had, she’s hardly complaining.

A viral cucumber – twice “A lot, maybe even most, people know me as the Cucumber girl!!! Trouble [an Atlanta-based rapper who has been performing since 2001, when he was 14) came up with a cucumber challenge to promote his song ‘She A Winner.’ I made a video to the song that went viral sucking on two cucumbers in the front seat of my car.”

Captivated, Trouble invited all the girls who had posted videos to come to a pool party, where they could demonstrate their skills live. The winner would receive $3,000. While we don’t know if Jasamine won, we do know she enjoyed the party, because she was so sexy handling the cucumber that fellow OnlyFans member Alexis Skyy was soon using her own cucumber to pleasure Jasamine. Another Atlanta rapper, Boosie Badazz posted the sex session between the two women live, and it went viral, too.

“People were so mad,” Jasamine said about her fast-paced online success. But “I learned a lot about social media and promoting through that experience. It was fascinating seeing the waves of opinions shift. One day everyone hated me and wanted me dead, lol. The next, I was a marketing guru.”

Before she had videos go viral, however, she had already built her OnlyFans site up to 10,000 followers, all by herself. She would soon see those numbers shoot higher than she ever imagined.

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