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Everything in the world has been evolving every day, and the need to develop is significantly increasing day by day. This has even revolutionised the methods of education, and this can be observed by the announcement of the new National Education Policy. 

Even though few conventional methods are still being observed in the education system, it is clearly evident that new methods and ways are crucial to match the standards and the rapid pace of the changing world and the progressing industry. Internships are becoming very vital and important in providing the required exposure and preparation at the college level for all students. Amar Panchal Education has been the leading pioneer in this sector by catering to the essential academic needs of the students and providing them with golden opportunities to excel and prove themselves.

Amar Panchal, through his organization Accelerate Persona, has been providing astonishing services that prove to be very beneficial to many engineering students in paving an excellent path for a bright future. Amar Panchal holds a Masters in Computer Science and has worked in various renowned MNCs for 14 years and then started to teach with his excelled expertise in domains such as Python, Java, and PHP+ Bootstrap. While working for MNCs, Amar Panchal realised over time that programming and coding skills are in high demand and that an engineering student with good coding skills, regardless of branch, can excel, which inspired him to start to Accelerate Persona and help students.

An internship is a program offered by an employer or an organisation for a limited period of time that enables the potential candidate to gain work experience, exposure, and an improved skill set. Recent studies and surveys explicitly show that internships add significant value to a student’s career and help a student explore the job culture even before taking up a full-time job. In the case of engineering students, internships are showing a phenomenal difference. 

The skills learned by engineering students in college are limited to textbooks and syllabi, and the real applications of those skills in the real world are completely different from what is being taught in colleges. Internships act as a bridge between college and industry and fill this void by giving a student the right insight about what works in which way.

Of the many advantages of internships, the key advantage is that it increases the exposure of a student. 

It gives the student a chance to connect with more professional people and work on technologies that are trending. It would be a great chance for a student in college to interact with people from the industry, as there is a tendency to learn skills and values as well. Besides the technical skillset, an internship even introduces the etiquette and decorum to be followed at offices. An internship provides a deep understanding and working knowledge of the concerned domain among the vast technologies and career options available to an engineer.

Based on the National Education Policy, it insists that each student has to pursue three internships in their course period, which are split across various semesters of the course. Despite the fact that few interested students were participating in several internships prior to the policy, this policy will undoubtedly emphasise the importance of internships and will encourage all students to pursue them; this initiative will also help the Indian job sector to develop rapidly and the coming years will witness freshers with impeccable talents. 

Students can apply to various renowned organisations as interns, and most of the well-known organisations are providing their best in terms of opportunities and tasks to college students. Many esteemed institutes, such as Amar Panchal Education, which had already emphasised the importance of internships, are now enabled with new enthusiasm and are working relentlessly for the welfare of students. Amar Panchal’s company, Accelerate Persona, with an experience of over 15 years in the education sector focuses on assisting students in obtaining internships. It will prepare students for the industry, it paves a path for student’s bright future, and provides training in Python, java, c, c++, web, and many other programming languages.

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